Self Care

Two years ago I did a post on Self Care and talked about what that meant to me and how I practiced it. You will still catch me doing weekly bath bombs and biweekly spa visits, but since the last post a few things have [...]

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Back to my roots

It's not hard to tell that my first fashion love is a little 80's 40's flair. Give me exaggerating sleeves, tailored bodice and a piece that give Drammma darling! If you've been following me for a while you know that I was crazy obsessed with [...]

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You have nothing to wear because you don’t experiment!!!

A few weeks ago I had a speaking engagement and was trying on outfits the hour prior. My daughter walks in and says "you're wearing that shirt? I feel like you wear it a lot" Me: yes it's mine, I bought it to wear it. [...]

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December was long. I mourned, rested, laid in bed...A lot. This rolled over into January and then I reminded myself that 1. I have the right to take as much time as I need. 2. You may never get over loss. 3. Life still continues, [...]


#NewYorkCoffeeTalk Fashion & Finance Ft. Micaéla Verrelien

December 9th I hosted the last #NewYorkCoffeeTalk of the year on Fashion & Finance  Ft. Micaela Verrelien.  While having a telephone convo Micaela mentioned how "some creatives still don't know what an EIN is".  I thought wow, we have to do a coffee talk on [...]

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