No, We Cant Have Coffee.

I love coffee.  I really do. However, I don't have time to be having coffee all the time with anyone and with no purpose. " Let's grab coffee!" is not what it used to mean prior to social media and DM's.  Years ago I was [...]

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Lessons From Paris

My tip to Paris was above and beyond anything I had ever experienced on a trip.  It was bigger than the shows, features and the designer dresses I got to wear. It was the big little things and lessons that really changed me for the [...]

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A Princess In Paris

Location: Paris Song : The Carters "Heard About US" Mood: Pulls In Paris/ Keys to the city Guys!!!!! Where do I begin? Paris was a dream.  I'm typically a wordy person, but the last fews days when I think about Paris and asked about my [...]

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My Beach Is Betta

When it's too hot to wear real clothes you throw on your beach wear.  I know, I know. "But it's a bathing suit" , but baby rules were made to be broken.  Okrrrrrrt?!(Cardi B voice)Wearing bathing suits with jeans is nothing new under the sun, [...]

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Daddy Issues

Tapping into it..Two weeks ago in my Instagram stories for Fathers Day I shared how growing up without a father has affected me the last few years compared to barely caring my whole life.  At least I thought.  I don't know if it's seeing the [...]

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Dine Out Mami

If you watch my IG stories or even watch my food highlights you know that I love to eat and sometimes enjoy cooking. Outside of small vacations with the kids my favorite thing to do in the Summer is dress up and dine out.  It's [...]

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