Hold On

When depression, anxiety or tough times come they don’t ask for permission or give a notice of how long they are there for. Rut’s will come and take up all the space. So when you have that boost of energy or feel a little bit [...]

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I was telling a friend how beautiful transparency and vulnerability is. Continuously granting access to the wrong person’s is the problem. Since a child I’ve felt like there’s nothing better than how I’m feeling and the whole truth. Got a lot of ass whoopings for [...]


Victory V

I slept like a baby, y'all! Took the best wellness bath last night (see my insta stories for deets).  I was way overdue for one. While I have celebrated many things this season like my oldest baby turning 18 and starting college, the world is [...]

Victory V2020-09-01T13:13:41+00:00

How To Get Unstuck

Ever come to a stand still and don't know what your next move is? *raises hand* This happens to be every once in a while. I'll be on a roll and then BOOM! I become stuck dead in my tracks. Sometimes with warning and other [...]

How To Get Unstuck2019-03-07T13:41:12+00:00

No, We Cant Have Coffee.

I love coffee.  I really do. However, I don't have time to be having coffee all the time with anyone and with no purpose. " Let's grab coffee!" is not what it used to mean prior to social media and DM's.  Years ago I was [...]

No, We Cant Have Coffee.2018-11-27T17:24:31+00:00

Lessons From Paris

My tip to Paris was above and beyond anything I had ever experienced on a trip.  It was bigger than the shows, features and the designer dresses I got to wear. It was the big little things and lessons that really changed me for the [...]

Lessons From Paris2018-11-20T13:51:43+00:00
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