Thanks to my girlfriend Natasha for this title. I posted a caption in my Instagram stories the other day which said “A whole Queen in her palace . I could never let a clown lil V me dawg”. She replied “Facts Of Life!”

I thought “word”. I had an amazing week. Last weekend was my birthday and I was showered with love and flowers. The best gift you can give me. Anyways while taking in my art and decor while having breakfast that’s when I thought that to myself. Distraction is free and always available, however the mind if trained well enough can overcome and block all the noise and distractions. I just can’t afford it. I thought about how much I used to entertain the nonsense that was only causing chaos. I’m happy to report that I don’t play around like that anymore.

Happy Sunday! Happy Easter Sunday !

Facts Of Life that I’ve learned this year and or revisited …

1). Confusion is a cowards paradise.

Nothing or anyone that’s meant for you will come by way of confusion. Confusion in itself is an answer / decision.

2). You reaction is GOLD, get a hold of your emotions.

All situations work out in my favor because I’m in control of my emotions. The enemy loves when you get out of character. Starve them. Starve it.

3). There’s more power in your tongue than you think. If you say a disease , demon, bondage and chain has to go, it will move!

4.) Put yourself and your needs first. Takers knows no end. (even the kids!)

5.) Put some bass in your voice when you say you are single. It’s not a curse. How is love suppose to find you if you have shame in your singleness?! Stop it!

Body on Jean Paul Gautlier

Blessed and fine! If you’re an 80’s baby who grew up in the 90’s then you’re familiar with the blue Jean Paul Gaultier bottle with the frost blue and lined finish.(Every Haitian man bathed in this in the late 90’s early 2000’s) Because if I have to do it all I’m going to look damn good doing it. Especially motherhood!😂🫠

I had a great time talking to you guys on live yesterday. Also happy to hear so many of you are wanting another #CoffeeTalk #Newyorkcoffeetalk #Bostoncoffeetalk !

I’m ready to hit the road! Let me know which city I should take off the talk in!


Trench: Thrifted!🌹 Now is the perfect time to find great wool coats and trench coats at the thrift shops. Most things half off!

NY fitted

Dr. Martin combat boots: Here Been wearing these for two years straight almost everyday and it’s my fave boots of all time. Fashionable and comfortable!

Earrings: Anthropologie 2 years ago

Sunglasses : Gucci

Lip: Starwoman

Vintage Louis

Scarf : Hermes