I just shared a note for February on my Instagram post titled “Move”. A word that’s come to me often in the recent weeks. Easy to say but can be as hard as taking a shower when you’re depressed or breathing after a heartbreak.

A few years back I suffered a miscarriage aka the fetus that kept on giving. It was long and painful. Every time I thought it was done here comes another problem. On top of that , I had just lost my grandmother days prior. Talk about when it rains it pours. It was double the grief and pain. After laying in bed for what felt like weeks, I decided I had enough. I said something along the line of “oh no you gotta get up or this will swallow you whole!”

I called my photographer and said “let’s shoot!”. It was one of my favorite shoots. It got so much love from my supporters and all I can think was “if you only knew how hard I fought to have this shoot”. Shortly after I had a speaking engagement for a womens empowerment group and then hosted #NewYorkCoffeeTalk in Dumbo.

Creating saved me that season. It was my medicine. None of my friends or attendees new what I was going through. They had no idea that when I was shimmying to the bathroom it was to pop my pain killers before my bottom half started throbbing and aching.

When I look back to those times I often think of how one decision and move saved me. Anything was better than laying there. Our minds and tongues are so powerful. If we don’t believe it’s possible then it isn’t. Battles are won in the mind first. I’ve been having nonstop seasons of living out the very things I prayed for and spoke over my life.

I remember praying to God for a new home , new neighborhood and clients. Today I’m living in my dream home(I’ll share more on that testimony in another post) and have clients that fill me up and inspire me. Rich! All because I believed I deserved and then prayed for it.

If all you have today is the energy to sit up in bed then so be it. If you only have enough fuel to write your plan then that’s good too. If taking a shower is the ultimate goal, you got this!

Wishing you the power that is movement and decision making. Happy New Year! Everyday has been feeling like new year lately and I’m so grateful.

Me blown away that everything I want and deserve is already wanting and waiting for me.

Wishing you an amazing day , week and month!