I became a morning person by force. Or should I say by necessity. I was still working a 9-5 and I had just started a blog months prior and the brand was growing. The question was how do I remain present and consistent at my 9-5 that I can’t afford to leave while also being consistent with my brand / blog?! Work started at 8:00am and I had a 40 min drive.

Seeing that the days weren’t gonna magically give me extra hours, I had to get creative. I began setting my alarm for 4:30 am and gave myself a half hour to fully wake up. By then I had already gotten into the habit of allowing myself time to fully wake up so that I’m not rushing and just rolling out of bed. I deserved to show up fully present and not rushed like a madman.

Babbbbyyyyy once I started waking up at 4:30am the rewards came instantly. Yes there was a lot of discomfort at first, especially on cold winter days. Besides that it was amazing. I got an 1hr and a half – 2hrs of work done everyday. I was able to be fully present at my 9-5. On my lunch break I went and engaged with followers and supporters. But that wasn’t it…. It helped that when I got home I was able to be fully present to my family because shit already got done in the morning. Boom! Happy Mom happy kids.

And that my friends is how I became a 5 am mami . It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Since then (7 going on 8 years) it’s the best time of the day. It’s my peace of mind and me time before the world opens up. Before the demands of kids and lovers. It’s when I get to set the tone for my day and decide the level of greatness I’m going to tap into and how.

I’m especially happy with the discipline. I can’t afford to just be up late or horsing around because I know that my day starts early.

Who benefits from 5 am wake ups you ask?

Any and everybody who wants the change that bad. Parents, couples , entrepreneurs and students to name a few. I hosted a “Wake Up With V 5am call” in January and these were the types of people who signed up and is still living their best 5 am lives.

Come on! Join me for another 5am (Eastern Time) Wake Up With V challenge! Here’s what you need to know and do to sign up!

1. You must have an iPhone because of #2

2. You must have or download the “Clubhouse” app (which is only available to iPhone users. JUST HEARD ANDROID USERS CAN TOO NOW) and create your account if you don’t already have one.

3. The group will be live Monday – Friday 5am

4. Email me or dm me with your name , email , IG, and your your goal for joining the group.

5. I will be featuring entrepreneurs throughout the week who are early bird 5am mami and papis as another form of support and inspiration.

6. Because this is an experience that I am providing at no cost , all that I ask in compensation from you is to share your growth and your learnings daily and tag me. #5amami #5apapi

7. I’ll be replying/ emailing with final instructions on how to prep and join us tomorrow 5 am sharp‼️