This past weekend I hosted the 2020 “Art Of The Table” workshop extraordinaire by Iesha James of Endless Flair Events who was also recently voted Boston’s Best Of 2020 By Boston Magazine in the Heroes Edition! When Iesha asked me to host aside from styling her for the event I was surprised but nonetheless rose to the occasion.

My whole life I’ve been a talker. Since I can remember , I always had a question or started the dialogue. As a child when we would have guest I’d pull you away to my room to show you my new favorite outfits. Other days I’d show you how good my Bogle dance was or I’d do my best Holy Ghost catching impersonation for my cousin Stephanie from Florida who thought I was the funniest child ever. Never too shy for the stage or spotlight.

Since elementary my teachers notes were always something along the lines of “Vanessa is intelligent and has potential, but is always talking “. By the time I got to highschool it was “Has potential but isn’t engaging or completing work” , but babyyyyyy you better believe I had a new theme and outfit everyday. One that comes to mind specifically was a snakeskin quarter length trench , my mothers leather vintage skirt, posh heeled snakeskin tall boots with leather opera gloves! I walked up in that school like it was my stage and of course not a book or backpack in sight.

For a few years now God has been signaling and showing me that I’d be speaking more and gracing stages. It’s also been vivid dreams and using others to hint off that I need to tap into that part of me. Last week while reflecting in bed I thought “woah ! My whole life I’ve been prepping for these moments and chapter”

Last week 11/11 I released “Unapologetically V. A Podcast by Vanessa Lundy” which a new episode will be released every Wednesday at 11:00am. For 8 months I’ve had Unapologetically V: convos on IG tv knowing soon it would transition into a podcast. Now it’s here!

Saturday while in the event space, prepping and getting ready to host I thought to myself “ Vanessa you have arrived. Literally and figuratively.” I stopped trying to down play what God has called me to do outside of fashion.

I’m ready to embrace these talents and purpose in this season , unapologetically.

I’ve arrived.

Oh wait! Clutch your pearls , hold your lace fronts and unfasten your pants for these outfit details.

Dress: $40 at Windsor

shoes : also from Windsor 2 years ago

Headpiece and gloves from an accessory vendor at the local mall. Both totaling $70

Earrings and ring from CVS Pharmacy

Cheers to looking like a million bucks but the outfit is less than $150.00‼️??????Tuh