Happy Wednesday!

Raining on this side, but I chose to focus on gratitude and the gift of life, talents and clients. Winters are hard creatively so on gloomy days I push myself to see the good in ugly weather. I almost named this post Royalty. The headband, my mothers lilac trench and the hues in my hair. A vibe.

I’ve been reflecting a lot lately of how far I’ve come from the little girl living on President street in Brooklyn who wanted to be a lawyer and a fashion designer. I remember my first time in a courtroom was for a trip in elementary school. I wore a forest green shirt with a green school girl checkered skirt and matching forest green tights. I never forget a good fit! I remember feeling so empowered and that day deciding I would merge both careers in one. I told my mother “I’m going to be the best dressed lawyer!” Boom that was the merge.

I settled for a criminal justice degree and now a fashion stylist. To think that I had this passion and tunnel vision since a child is pretty dope . Like many I get caught up in daily happenings and to do lists that I forget to pat myself on the back for a job well done. As kids we are satisfied with little , but as adults we just create new goals and get harder on ourselves. Almost like the last isn’t good enough.

Lately I’ve been coming across old work, features and publications that’s forced me stop and reflect on just how much I’ve accomplished and how many of my childhood goals I’ve lived/ living out. I’m filled with so much gratitude. To think of how I persevered through teenage pregnancy and having to shift gears and still never losing sight of the dreams. At the time that was my only option, but looking back there were so many times I could have quit.

Pieces have power. This beautiful handmade headband from Marie Galvin made stand right up. Royalty.

I think of interning and starting a whole new career in my late 20’s. All while having a 9-5 and finishing up a degree. For keeping my mothers voice and words on rotation “You can still be and have anything you want!” Round of applause, Vanessa. You’ve done great.

Sometimes we will only acknowledge growth or certain accomplishments if and when they are accompanied with other things(usually man made things or validation). I’ve had to learn to have and find gratitude even in the midst of chaos. I don’t ever want to get so caught up on what’s next that I lose sight of what is.

Last week after wrapping up a big shoot I said to myself “wow Vanessa! You’ve done great. I’m so proud of you!” The blessings have been pouring in all ways and I’ve had to remind myself that I’m deserving because of work I’ve put in, humility , patience and faith. Round of applause, Vanessa. You’ve done great.

No we can’t sit there too long, but stop for a second and hug yourself. Give your younger self an imaginary high five. Thank yourself for making it this far despite all your obstacles and hardships. Heck, a high five for just being sane and showing up during this pandemic. And then go back to killing it. I never want to continue this journey blindly working and chasing goals. I must acknowledge and appreciate what’s in front of me because if I can’t who’s to say I’ll even notice and appreciate the future blessings to come.

You’ve done and are doing great! Round of applause ??????????????????????

Have an amazing rest of your week .

Headband: Marie Galvin