That means “Schools out”.

Haitians will typically say that to express shock towards audacity or an unexpected bold gesture. That’s what came to mind when I put on this two piece and saw how short it was with all this booty. But a cute fit it is. I can’t wait to layer it and wear each piece different ways.

Anyways that’s not what this post is about. Growing up my mother would talk to herself out-loud and I use to think “this Heffa is crazy !” She would talk to God , the devil and talk about her problems out loud. Twenty something years later I’m that “crazy heffa” and I’m pretty sure my kids think I’m cooked. I talk to myself and God awfully loud and walk around saying things like “The devil is defeated “ and “God you’re going to blow my mind this week with unexpected blessings!”

And guess what?! I believe it in advance and a lot of times it happens. Two weeks ago under a post I replied to a friend that I was expecting a blessing that weekend and God was going to blow my mind. Sure enough I get contacted about styling a shoot and boom issa new client. In April I fired a client (yes I fired a client) and I said God you know my heart so I trust you will bring back this pay another way. Two weeks later he doubled that pay via someone else. Hello!

Speaking and declaring blessings and protection over my life is my favorite exercise. It reminds how faith works and that words have power. So what happens when I speak it and it doesn’t come into fruition yet ? I still believe and pray. I read something the other day along the lines of “Faith and fear requires us to believe in something in advance that hasn’t happened yet” and I was like woah duh! To me Faith is a choice and the best one over fear. We don’t typically stop and think of either as a choice but it is . One can easily become the way of life and I can’t afford mine to be majority fear. So when fear threatens my faith I pray harder. Will I always be fearless? No. However I challenge it as much as possible. I’ve also excepted that it’s a constant choice and daily work.

I’m super pumped about my abilities and willingness in this season. Like God I’m ready to get uncomfortable to reach your promises! I feel myself changing and it’s both scary and amazing. Change means growth. I’m shedding old and receiving new. I’m ready ready! Even if you whisper it to yourself I want you to try speaking a miracle and a blessing into your life.

“I’m expecting xyz this week” or “I know I will accomplish xyz if I try and believe!”

I’m choosing to walk by faith and not fear. If it didn’t work out like I wished ,at least my mind and body was filled with hope and happiness versus stress and anxiety if I constantly choose fear.

Wishing you lots of conversations with yourself and unexpected blessings! And a fly two piece this season.

Two piece:Nathalia J Mag two piece

Frames : Gucci

Boots: thrifted 10 years ago