When depression, anxiety or tough times come they don’t ask for permission or give a notice of how long they are there for. Rut’s will come and take up all the space. So when you have that boost of energy or feel a little bit of light, hold on to it. TIGHT. You have to fight like hell to keep it around and protect it.


Have the audacity to show up for yourself and bask in all of your glory , unapologetically! Even if you’re working from home you should show up as your best self. Make your bed, put on your favorite piece or a texture that speaks to you. There’s a slim chance of being non productive if you’re dressed for the blessings you deserve and waiting on. You don’t want to greet them any kind of way , Chile!


Most of us have a time window when we are the most productive. Mine is between 5:30 am-10:30am. When my energy is at an all time high I plan in advance what I’m going to be doing for those hours to ensure that my time is productive. It becomes addictive when we use our time wisely. A chain reaction. Like ok got this work done and feel amazing about the outcome so I’m gonna do it three four times. Misusing your energy and light leads to regret and frustration and possible pity parties.


You deserve!! Remember that. When things are so bad for so long we become accustomed to it thinking this is what life is about and or that’s how things will stay. Nah son! You deserve it all so move and act accordingly. If life’s hurdles had you down for weeks then you can put that upbeat energy in a chokehold and speak it into existence that this is the new way of life. Period.


We have to have compassion for ourselves. Tell yourself that you did the best with the cards you were dealt with at that time. Compassion allows us to seize the moment. Self judgment keeps us a prisoner of what used to be. You not there right now. Today you’re alive , willing and able so LIVE.

The worse allergies this day, but I said “you don’t know how tomorrow is gonna play out so shoot anyways with itchy watering eyes”

We are facing tough times as a country on top of personal life situations, so be selfish when the sun is shining for you. Bask in it! Own it! And exhaust every bit of it. I’ve been on a high for quite sometime now and I’m intentional about every bit of it and protective of who and what has access to me as well as where my attention goes. Wishing you an amazing week with unexpected blessings!!.