I was telling a friend how beautiful transparency and vulnerability is. Continuously granting access to the wrong person’s is the problem. Since a child I’ve felt like there’s nothing better than how I’m feeling and the whole truth. Got a lot of ass whoopings for it because caribbean and knowing your place as a child is first even if it’s the truth.

As an adult I’ve found that the ego and pride will rob you of opportunities, relationships and experiences. I always pray to God to not change my heart and spirit after disagreements or separations. I’d never want to pass up on a blessing or connection because of trauma from past experiences. Now while that’s a good goal to have, wear and tear happens to us humans too. Every interaction and experience will either strip something from us or pour into us.

We have a responsibility as humans to be transparent , truthful with one another so that we don’t misuse people and or make it harder for the next encounter . If we looked it this way we’d be more compassionate and thoughtful about our actions. In encounters as simple as good mornings and holding doors for strangers and as deep as marriage and family. No we won’t always be in agreement but nothing beats the truth. Truth and transparency provides the other party with options. Lies , ego and pride robs us of that.

We shouldn’t be teaching our kids to be hard as nails. Instead teach them that their feelings and truth is perfectly fine and they too have a responsibility to others. It’s almost like we grow backwards. When we are toddlers we say what and how we feel. Society teaches us to filter and sugar coat it which really teaches us to suppress our feelings. You hit adulthood and realize that is ass backwards. Why can’t I speak my truth without babysitting feelings ? Why can’t we say I love you after the first month ? Why should we act like we don’t care if we do?

I’m not saying to go start arguments with the neighbor that’s been tapping your nerves or going at it with your boss. I say all this to say when the opportunity arise to say how you feel …. say that shit. Tell that woman / man your full intentions. Say the I love you first. We lose nothing being vulnerable and transparent. We gain experiences and learn lessons. Cowards will misuse it, but the right and real ones will appreciate it.

Ok go ahead and make that call, bag that fine ass human before the next lockdown Chile(cuffing season is upon us! If you already got the one you want then cheers to communication, growth and orgasms ??.

Vintage 2 piece suit(tailored)

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