I slept like a baby, y’all! Took the best wellness bath last night (see my insta stories for deets).  I was way overdue for one. While I have celebrated many things this season like my oldest baby turning 18 and starting college, the world is upside. I have to make a conscious  decision often that regardless of whats going on around me I will stay grounded in my faith and prayer. I keep saying to myself “New  normal, same God” because  the news and media seems to only  pump out fear and anxiety.  

Routine has been the one thing that’s helped  throughout this pandemic. I pray the minute  I open my eyes even if it’s just a few words. Other days I read the psalms to keep me calm. Music , coffee and saging comes next. Some days it’s the only quiet time I get between fulfilling shop orders and dealing with kids who’ve  been home since Vietnam it seems!

My menstral cycle sends death row threats a whole two weeks prior so I dragged to shoot these visuals the other day. It reminded me of therapy  (before my therapist had a baby and never came back) and how I would drag to go, but then she would put shit into perspective and I’d leave feeling fulfilled . Same thing for shooting and creating- I come alive and it always ends up being worth the efforts.So if you ever get stuck in a creative rut,  just starting sometimes is the medicine. Not always , but it’s worked plenty of times. Wishing you all the energy to pour out all of your greatness and dreams in this season. Victory and dominion over anything or energy that would dare get in your way.

Off to go yell at kid 2 for watching TV this early knowing damn well a toothbrush hasn’t touched his mouth…..Chile. Then sage and coffee to get my nerves back in check. LMAO

Vintage dress.

Old rings