We are our surroundings and upbringing even in the things we don’t like about ourselves. I’ve always been the kid and friend everyone called/ calls about everything. My mother was and is that person everyone calls and the cheerleader for all of  her friends (women especially). If you know me you know I’m a genuine hype man. So when people love my #VanessaLundyQuotes I often think about how like mine , my mothers quotes were all based off of real life experiences and observations. She  has been my fountain of confidence my entire life.

Today I’m sharing some thought provoking and life changing quotes she’s shared that helps me.

“It’s not too late, you can still be whatever you want!”

It was November 2001 and I was 16 and pregnant. I shared with my mother that I planned on going full term with the pregnancy and becoming a mom. She looked at me and said this quote and I never had a doubt from that moment that my goals were still achievable. This quote can be applied to any trials and tribulations you are facing. If you’re alive willing and able….you can still be whatever you want.

“Women are like flowers. You just give us a little water when we are down and we will bloom again and again.”

I’ve heard this a millions times anytime I was down about something or when mom would be on the phone giving advice to a girlfriend.

“Look at yourself in the mirror and remind yourself who you are . Tuh “

Baby! Don’t ever forget it. Have that pep talk with yourself and get back up and running.

“When someone disrespects you don’t take that shit for free. Buy it!”

So this quote sounds better in our native language Haitian Creole, but in deeper translation if you’re disrespected don’t let it be in vain. Learn a lesson because the best payback for disrespect is a lesson learned and never allowing for that lesson to be taught by that same person. Ever.

“Never look like your problems!!! “

This has to be one of my favorite quotes ever. Over the years it inspired me to say “Never look like your to do list!”. We have been hearing this since kids about pulling it together and that just because you are going through tough times doesn’t mean this should reflect in your appearance. She lives by this still, always solid and pulled together no matter the season in life. I must admit when I dress up on hard days I’m forced to stand tall and look the way I wish I felt.

I’ll leave you with one more because she spit this one out yesterday while we were having coffee and showing off her ootd.

“When you look good you don’t sit too long. You stand and you strut!”

Any quotes you have from a powerhouse in your life?