Ever come to a stand still and don’t know what your next move is? *raises hand* This happens to be every once in a while. I’ll be on a roll and then BOOM! I become stuck dead in my tracks. Sometimes with warning and other times I go from being hella inspired to ……….crickets. I used to get frustrated when this happened and felt like I and or my overall brand is taking a leap back. I for one know we don’t have forever to use our gifts so I don’t be with the shits. With all things I try to look at the bigger picture and brighter side. So my last few times when I felt stuck I decided to do away with the frustration and dig a lil deeper for sanity’s sake. I practiced solitude, prayer , journaling and forgiveness.


The world is a noisy place and so is social media at times depending on how often and why you use it. Sometimes solitude includes not being a slave to your text messages and phone calls. I was telling my girlfriend Andrea a month or so ago how my new practice was to reply to messages at the level of priority they fit in. If the first few words weren’t urgent then I leave it on unread in order to remember to get back to it at a later date. If I was in the middle of doing something I no longer rushed to pick up a call if it wasn’t from immediate family members, local hospitals and kids school. Leave a message. I’ll get back. Not being accessible on demand allowed me to collect and have uninterrupted thoughts. Finishing a task was so much more easier. A little isolation allowed me to take control of my thoughts and time.


Taking the extra step and literally forcing myself to be still for at least five minutes has worked wonders. I have done stints with meditation before so it’s always easier to get back to each time I restart. I get up and feel like I literally decluttered my brain and rebooted my energy. Prayer this last year has worked wonders also and put so much things into perspective. In my room there is now a dedicated corner for meditating and praying and sometimes just sitting there after a long day. No thinking no nothing. Just away from every single body that lives in this house! It’s become the meditation aka “don’t talk to me till I’m up” corner. Honey it works! I swear one of my grays went back to black! LOL

Write it down

Get it out! often we keep good ideas along with a never ending to do list in our heads. We end up being like a laptop with fifty leven windows open with no particular focus. It becomes a little much. I always drag to write things down, but once I do it feels like I’m one step closer to acting on a plan instead of it just being an idea.


Nobody is harder on us than we are. It can be hard to move forward when we are full of regrets and shaming . Whatever it is that went wrong or you could have done better, learn and move on! Mistakes and lessons are to be learned from and not for self sabotaging, procrastinating and never ending pity parties. Yes we will have a good pity party and a cry every now and then (Crying is the bodies way of cleansing. I love a good cry!) but we must move on. It’s Mandatory. You can’t be fully invested in worrying or stressed while being productive. If you can master that- keep it to yourself because I just don’t wanna even do that to my brain.

Life is a one time audition. No do overs. I know that getting stuck is a part of life and it will happen again, however I won’t remain lathered up in that space. Lastly, being stuck reminds me that you have to sometimes take a few steps back in order to leap forward. Also that we don’t always have to be “busy” or “look busy” . It’s become a trend to look the part more than actually doing the good internal work that’s needed in order to truly win both behind the scenes and in the spotlight. What’s for you will not pass you by, so take your time to clean house then do the work.

Have you felt stuck? What are some things you do to push pass that?

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