Allow me to reintroduce name is V.A to the N. A(fake Jay Z voice)

Ok let me stop, but hey there! It’s been a while. I’ve been living. Like more gratitude, living in the moment, a lot of quiet time and isolation when not working. Fully present in all that I’m doing and man do I feel rich. I went to Tokyo , Japan with my daughter to bring in the New Year and that was a an experience for the books. It was so peaceful, clean and orderly. A few days before that departure on wash day I decided that I was no longer going to deal with all this hair so I took my son’s school mini scissors and just chopped it off at the root. I went to the barbershop to get it trimmed and lined up and went about my business. This last year I’ve been truly living my best life. Big chances, big losses and most importantly holding myself accountable, making a decision and doing what I say I’m going to do. That’s a big deal to me and probably one of the biggest things after working on my faith.

Indecisiveness is such a bad habit and a big set back. You tell yourself “I don’t know”to keep from making a decision and remaining in your comfort zone, but no action is a decision in itself. Every single time. Then theres the Big A….Accountability. For example It’s so easy to complain about finance but not acknowledge the lack of effort towards making and meeting financial goals. Bad relationships, but not taking accountability for our contributive actions or enabling. Accountability is freedom. It’s addressing whatever “IT” is and deciding to take action. You can’t move on with a victims mentality. Just a never ending pity party that keeps you stuck.

Silence. Ive also learned that everything doesn’t need a reaction. Even when you’ve been wronged. My thought process used to be “Its my right to be upset” or “It’s my right to speak my mind and tell someone(usually off) how they wronged me”. That’s always a right , but often it keeps you invested in that icky feeling or situation and has control over you. When you want to react for everything ask yourself isn’t it also your right to be sane and as stress free as possible. This is coming from a fire sign so if it’s possible for me to practice this then anybody can do it. Theres so much power in silence.

All in all life is great. I’m creating, doing what a love, being bald headed and mighty fine with this cut if I do say so myself.

How you doing?! How you livin?

Outfit Deets:

Charolette Rousse Bodysuit

Ouimillie skirt

Vintage belt

Betsy Johnson shoes (Last year)