People hear freelance and instantly they think you have this crazy amazing life filled with light cameras and “action”.  There is that, but there is also waiting for checks and creating your own checks.  We have crazy schedules.  Some months I work a 2-3 week 10/12hr gigs while barely seeing my kids.  Bags under my eyes that’s not by Chanel. Sometimes weight loss or bad weight gain from eating poorly.  Other months I can have a whole two weeks off where I get to recoup and wait on my kids arrival from school with their favorite meals already plated with a smile. Keep in mind the week we don’t work there is currently no checks for that gap.You also have to keep in mind that invoices are sometimes  late so it’s never a definite date for the upcoming checks.

Seeing my kids for a few days after long weeks  is great, but after like three  days I’m like aight y’all cute but this stay at home Mom shit isn’t for me!  Unless you’re proactive  and aggressively working, depression will be all up in your  couch, comforters and sheets .  The Fall/Winter are especially hard for me because who wants to go out in the cold if you can just stay in bed and just take the  day off?  The down side to this way of thinking  is that one day can lead to two which leads to three.  That’s when we have time to count all the wrongs and be hard on ourselves.  So many days off yet you’re not making any money and you  still have bills.

The last year and a half I’ve come down with a routine for my days off to keep from losing  my flame and keeping money flowing. Below is my routine for surviving winter blues

Make a schedule 

There is typically a sense of how many days you’ll have off.  Instead of winging it make up a schedule of different ways you can be creative and stay active.  I write down a to do list every night to get my mind ready to work.  Making a  list is accountably and putting it out in the universe that I am ready and willing to work.

Make Your Bed

If you’re like me, you can not work from home or  bed on cold days.  I will fall asleep or scroll down social media for way too long.  Every morning after yelling at the kids to stop arguing and sending them off to school I make my bed. Once it’s made I am forced to follow through with my to do list and plans.

Plan your outfits

I personally don’t plan mine the night before. In the top shelf of my closet I already have my current Fall/Winter  go to’s  folded.  Both tops and bottoms.  They barely need ironing.  For footwear I have the same set up.  I do however think of what the temp will be like the coming day and what texture or color best compliments my mood.  Consider pulling the full outfit the night before or having a filled rack for the week .  Prep it every Sunday. If you look good you feel good and having your looks prepared saves you time and allows you to get to the paper quicker!

Leave Your House 

So you have a list and an outfit  planned. Cool. The hardest task is here. Leaving your house!  I pick a different cafe or Starbucks to work out of to keep the routine of leaving the house.  A little gas is worth my sanity.  A great space and decor stimulates my brain and keeps me creative.  Also something as simple as being around other working folks is fun and keeps me inspired.  You never know who you can meet and what can come from this next  encounter.


Don’t sit around waiting for a check. Get creative!  This could be a blog post, an event or a  test shoot with locals.  Start that holiday project you’ve been putting off.  Pitch to a brand you’ve always wanted to work with  or stop by that local boutique/shop that you’ve been eyeing on your way to work.

The more consistent and intentional I am about my schedule, the more motivated and upbeat I remain.

What do you do on your days off? How do stay creative during the cold season?

2 piece suit- Bobby From Boston

Blouse DVF

Earrings/Booties- TJMaxx