My tip to Paris was above and beyond anything I had ever experienced on a trip.  It was bigger than the shows, features and the designer dresses I got to wear. It was the big little things and lessons that really changed me for the better.


Commitment –  For years I’ve said Paris and this country or that country was on the to do list. After years of saying  it  I thought “Do it!”. It was time to commit. Like, Vanessa do what you say you’re going to do. PeriodT! Planning isn’t my strong point, but commitment requires that which ends up being less stressful. The same commitment to everyday tasks and goals has made life easier by being proactive earlier on.

Be present– One of the first things I noticed in Paris was the engagement amongst the locals l.They are intentionally present even with a simple eye contact with other by passers.  Here in America Boston and New York specifically we are always in a rush , not often friendly and don’t make eye contact if we don’t  have to.  All of the restaurants there had outdoor seating facing the street.  At first I was annoyed cause it’s like “aint nobody trying to look at you while I eat!” After the first two days it was comfortable and inviting.  Not once did I see someone on their phone while dinning.  Mind you they’d be there talking for hours. Their engagement and state of being present reminded me of how much I was always on my phone and how offended my loved ones must be when I have it out at the dinner table.  Since I’ve been back I noticed the change in my engagement with loved ones.Change of setting–  Ever notice the minute you get to a travel destination you suddenly feel your burdens are lighter, less stressed or just better in general?  I do.  Yes this was a new country, but I didn’t do anything out of the norm.  There was no sky diving, a huge hike or a great wall. However I felt lighter.  I legit ate, slept, dressed up and took pics yet I was rich in spirit, setting and in mindset.  All that from just committing to a trip, boarding a plane for 6 hours and daring to visit a new country.  Traveling proved to be a teacher and medicine for the soul at the same damn time. Did all of my problems go away? Nope!  Pulling away from my everyday gave me new perspective. It allowed me to have a front row seat at my life and time to reflect on where I am, where I want to be and how I will get there.

Mindset–  The biggest lesson which some would say contradicts the last lesson before this is mindset. Can our mindset be the vacation and space we seek when we can’t physically  be there? For me it had to be. I was sad after Paris.  I created great content on the spot that was unrehearsed.  Laughed and danced with strangers and had my third hangover ever in life and now it was back to regularly scheduled program of work and family hustle. So I made the decision that I would seek the spaces that gave me the vibe I’m looking for. I have been and will continue to find and hang out at the hidden treasures of Boston Like the popular Tatte Bakery in Beacon Hill which had little streets like the ones in Paris.

Overall, live now people.  Wishing you all a warm and present Thanksgiving.
Hug tighter.  Love and laugh  harder.


Thrifted and tailored suit

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