Location: Paris

Song : The Carters “Heard About US”

Mood: Pulls In Paris/ Keys to the city

Guys!!!!! Where do I begin?

Paris was a dream.  I’m typically a wordy person, but the last fews days when I think about Paris and asked about my trip all I can do is smile and  yell out “ahmazzzzing!” The 7 year old me and the 33 year old me became one.  Being able to do designer pulls and shoot in the dresses was out of this world.  Typically  fashion week for me the last few years means crazy lines,  delayed runway shows, packed presentations and rude PR encounters.  This first time Paris fashion week was a totally  different experience. I had one runway show and the rest was show room visits. I got to meet the designers, get to know them over water, coffee  and the finest chocolate while getting ins on how the collection came about.

It was at an appointment preview  that I met Sandra Mansour. Monroe had seen her collection in Paris  years ago and requested again while on route somewhere in an Uber.  This turned out to be a fave visit. Sandra was so passionate while describing the making of her garments.  It was refreshing to see the passion in her eyes and voice.  The Lebanese Switzerland raised designer shared how she is naturally a painter and how the two worlds become one when working on the collections. This engagement made the pieces that much more memorable because each piece has a unique creative process and a story.  After viewing the SS19 collection the showroom manager took me to see the current Autumn- Winter 2018 collection .  My eye balls jumped out of my head from all the luxurious  textures , colors and prints which is what I always naturally gravitate to.  After pulling and flirting with some dope floor length top coats my soul was snatched by this beautiful purple gown.  It was the dress that kept on giving.  First the purple, then the patches of velvet  shapes topped off with tiered voluminous sleeves. Wait for it….then the sheerness of the dress peeked through with the mini velvet polka dots. I mean talk about icing on the cake. like I mean.  I’m writing this in Starbuck right now and doing the most hand gestures  because even a million miles away  I can feel it and see this masterpiece. The perfect ending would have been a Prince picking me up in a Lamborghini, but clearly he didn’t get the memo that a Princess was in town. Tuh! The nerve of his Parisian ass!

I am looking forward to more show room appointments next season .  So was  I being dramatic for no reason or is this dress not poppin?!

Earrings- Thrifted

Dress and shoes courtesy of Sandra Mansour

Photographer: The ridiculous talented Rose L.