When it’s too hot to wear real clothes you throw on your beach wear.  I know, I know. “But it’s a bathing suit” , but baby rules were made to be broken.  Okrrrrrrt?!(Cardi B voice)Wearing bathing suits with jeans is nothing new under the sun, but making it classy and a lewk isn’t something I see often.  When I purchase bathing suits I not only think about how it will look on the beach, but I also pick pieces that will look great with my signature summer a line skirt looks. I want my one pieces to be a lewk with some wide leg pants and scrappy sandals.  One that is so good that you won’t know its not a bodysuit unless I tell you. I purchased this bra from Target 2 years ago to go to Puerto Rico with my family.  The print got may attention so I grabbed it despite the fact that it was one size too small.  That’s how I get my fake Double D boobs because truth is Momma’s breast been the same size since high school I think.  My mother buys my bras so I’ll have to double check those facts, but I can guarantee they didn’t grow a full cup since then. You’ve been picking out your beachwear all wrong baby. Here’s  how you do it to ensure you are double dipping on that purchase and getting your pennies worth.   Below are the types of pieces to shop for in your stash or on Asos and target(only places I’ve purchasedShopping separates

Look for fun prints and color.  If the colors and prints are too intimidating then make sure there’s intricate details like straps, cut outs and sheer for some flava. You don’t  want to look like you are wearing a basic ass bathing suit top.  You reveal that on your time, not the bathing suit.  I personally don’t buy the matching bottom if it’s not exciting. Life is too  short to be matching your separates every Summer.

One Piece 

Not every one piece is cut the same so try them on to make sure it’s flattering. The ones with the high cut sides(like the Bay Watch girl lifeguards) cinches the waist and gives an hour glass frame. They look flattering with high waisted jeans and skirts.  Stay away from ruffles or tiered styles past the navel. You will end up with a confused look trying to stuff additional fabric into your bottoms.  Fabric quality is also very  important because there is no break on the eyes  like a two piece. If it looks cheap there is no finessing it. If it looks like a mess and falling apart on the hanger then skip it. Lastly make sure you are comfortable with the support it gives to the bust, because an exposed bra isn’t  ladylike .In April I wore this same top to walk around Miami Beach. A blazer and some heels took it from beach to roof top dining.My two recent bathing suit purchases are this  red one piece and this  white one

Check out this page of one piece bathing suit from Asos which pretty much sums up all the ones that transition into outfits except for the three  “Frankies Bikinis ” ones which has crocheted too much going on! Happy shopping and feel free to ask additional questions below-I got you playa.


Thrifted silk vintage blazer($2.00 at Salvation Army ??‍♀️?)

Cinq á Sept skirt via TjMaxx store

Windsor Store heels

Target bathing suit bra( 2 years old)

TJMaxx earrings