Happy Tuesday Sugars!

It’s appears that mother nature can’t make up her mind lately so I’ve had to get creative for Sprinter(Spring and Winter)

Like if I have to layer one more time I’m going to have a meltdown! Sprinter calls for creativeness so that’s what I’ve had to do more of lately. I had a baby shower to go to a few weeks ago and didn’t feel like dressing up, but was definitely not going to wear this basic as sweater and try to make it into a lewk. Nah!So I turned that bitch upside down and baby you couldn’t tell me this wasn’t a designer off the shoulder sweater. You should have seen how excited I was to tell the story each time someone complimented my look. I was like “Guuuuuurl it’s an H&M sweater turned upside down!” *dramatic hand gestures and all” The moooost I know.Being bloated on the other hand is more like every other damn week it seems. My go to for my disrespectful fanny pack around hat time is some good ole high waisted pants. Like you get to be bloated but look like your waist is still small. No Midol please! I found these at MadeWell and now they are on sale for $59.99 ???‍♀️

A cinched waist and they make your booty look good! Giiiiiiirl go get you a pair! And no this ain’t sponsored.

These poppin ass heels are Betsey Johnson

A friend of mine Stephanie posted them in her stories and next thing I knew I was hitting send on that Venmo like my life depended on it.

Now I’m off to appointments with the kid and Therapy! What y’all up to on his beautiful day?