Happy Friday!

It seems like Friday’s lately involves my third grader and his school. Last week I woke up late and had to drive him to school. This Friday he tells me that he can wear the color green. I get a call from my daughter this morning telling me all the kids from his school have their uniforms on and no green anything. Wooosah

So now I have to take my extra ass to the school to bring him his uniform because umm you don’t get a free pass because you “thought you heard” that green is he theme. I’m thinking about wearing this. Cause it’s casual Friday soooo why not?!

this is going to be me waiting at the front desk with his uniform like hey son! 😂😂👋🏾

If you have children I pray you can laugh at the shenanigans like I’ve been doing for my sanity or else I’ll be picking up my dreadlocks every step. If you don’t still laugh at something today because life’s too damn good not to.

Enjoy your weekends!

Sweatshirt- old

Jeans- old H&M

Coat- Bobby From Boston

Mules – Tibi- no longer available