….more like a “Twirl into it post” 

Sometimes you have to put on your “feel good pieces”. What’s that you ask? Feel good pieces are any items / essentials  that makes you feel good. The ones that make you feel sexy, powerful and unapologetic. For days when I’m leaning towards pitty parties or procrastination I will put on my red lipstick as a pick me up. Or a fuzzy full length  cardigan that makes me feel bad ass because it flows behind me like a cape. Extra I know, but it gets the job done. What’s that job you ask? To look the part and get shit done with a better attitude. 

Here’s a few things I do when I’m dragging in the morning.
Pull my hair up 

Show your face to the world instead of hiding behind your hair. You are forced to have your chin up.


It works every time!  There’s no way you are going to pout with done up lips. Who said date night lips can’t be worn in the day time?! Exactly. Said no bad ass woman ever.

I love a great Red, but currently indulging in “Persistence” by M.A.C

Dope outwear

A sweatsuit or gym clothes is no longer just dressed down clothes if you add a leather Moto jacket, a tuxedo jacket or fuzzy cardigan. Automatic pick me up!


If they are fun, textured, sparkly… put them on. Great shoes  go with anything you say they do. Even if you are working from Starbucks today like I am. It  never hurts!

This outfit was definitely a feel good outfit. More black than the usual but excitement was made up to through the different texture play. I was invited to Milly x Man Repeller dinner with friends and wore this for a seat at the table with amazing women in Fashion. That was the ultimate pick me up for probably the rest of the year. One that will last forever because the energy was so good. See hashtag #millymoment on Instagram to see see some captures from the night.
More on what I and other women do as a pick me up while  balancing family and werk … check out my latest feature on Man Repeller
Top: Theory of Gaia
Skirt: Cinq á Sept  via Tjmaxx stores 

Shoes: Tibi (during their sample sale two weeks ago) 
Don’t forget to twirl into the rest of the week girl!