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In a funk

Not at the moment, but I was Sunday when I shot these. I had to cook three meals because I'm out of state for werk.(See insta stories). I had this shoot scheduled and wanted so bad to cancel it, but life doesn't always work that [...]

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In Good Company

Mood: Lifted Company: Monroe & Rose Track: Drake featuring Future "Grammy" You've heard it before and you'll hear it again. I love dope women and having them in my company is the ultimate energy booster. I took these pics right after LA and right before [...]

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Jumpsuit Mami

Mood; Jumpsuit Mami Location: SoHo NYC Track: Buju Banton " Black Woman " Volume: Maxxxx! Designer Please please I beg you.... don't confuse this dope BERIQISU jumpsuit as a two piece. You know I love me a good print as much as I love a shape complimenting jumpsuit. Both [...]

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#SteeleVain Brunch Sponsored by Shea Moisture & Hue 

Where do I begin?!..... Great energy is a remedy. One that is filling and contagious. That's just what was awaiting  when you entered a beautiful intimate SoHo cafe who's back steps led you to a secret garden.  #STEELEVAIN Was born from a conversation with Monroe where [...]

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Life simplified 

Listen..... I'm changing and it's scary as heck.  I've noticed a change in everything lately. My closet for starters. When I tell you I have stripped my closet of a whole lot of things.  I mean it's a lot. No crisis no trauma, simply detaching [...]

Life simplified 2017-09-06T02:11:59+00:00
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