“My momma told me boy make a decision right now I gotta keep a tunnel vision”~ Kodak Black

The goal is to do it all at the same damn time. Says the princess in the fairytale being fed grapes with her foot up with no kids lol. When I’m killing it in one area another area is neglected at least a little bit. I have been booked with styling gigs and had to pick my head back up to touch up on other things in life. Like the gym, gaining weight(yes because my butt is getting small from working a lot and not eating enough.) “I like nice curves and I cannot lie”???????

When I think of tunnel vision I think about my college days when I was working a full time job and getting good grades and starting a side business. Those days remind me that I got comfortable because I can do wayyy more with a little more planning and focus. We need a reminder sometimes.So anywho I’ve been thinking about tunnel vision and how targeting a few  new goals at the same pace will pay off and work wonders. I also remind myself that falling a few times while carrying all of them is ok. I truly believe that it’s more attitude than anything. If we beat ourselves up we can’t get past failing  and leave no room for energy and action. So I’m looking forward to trying, failing, conquering, repeat. I’ve never not gotten something I put 100% in so leggo!

Enough about me. How have you been? Are you currently targeting any goals ? How?
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Outfit: vintage tee and jacket

H&M jeans (last year buy)

Kate Spade shoes(2016)

Photography: Tionna