So one minute I was on the beach in San Juan Puerto Rico, then next thing I know I’m back and diving head first into New York Fashion Week prep and invites.  From there it’s been like the first week of High school.  Excitement, fatigue and anxiety.  So all in all I’m still blessed but I feel like I’ve been sprinting and needed to sit my ass down and just ….sit there.  No thinking no nothing. My body started trying to shut down while in NY and officially progressed when I got back home.  Made it through my #BostonCoffeeTalkBrunch and was wiped out after that. Now that I’m feeling better I’m back to werk, styling and working on some events.




I stopped looking for the “Perfect Balance” and just focus on maximizing my time and working smart.  Some days I’m on it and other days I’m chasing it like a missed bus. That’s OK. I’ve been shifting my thoughts and focusing on all the great things and not the negative.  I find stressing takes away from planning and action. So yeah that’s what’s been going on lately.


2016_09_16_062It’s been weeks since the Fall bug hit me, so when the temperature was like 69 degrees I instantly found a reason to layer up with my favorite Cynthia Rowley knit I got from Tj Maxx  a few years ago. I also felt the need to show this Victoria Secret bra. The only time showing your bra is fashionably acceptable is when it goes with your fit, has a nice design and/or fun texture.  Sorry Momma!(She will give the biggest side eye when she sees this)

Wearing: Vintage Slip dress from Bobby From Boston, Victoria Secret bra, H&M Jeans, Kate Spade shoes

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