I call them Men’s cut shirts for Women.  Some call it boyfriend button down shirt. Whatever you call it, get one! These shirts have the right amount of room, where Men’s sometimes are awkwardly big depending on the brand.  If you aren’t a pro at selecting them then start with these that H&M offer. They are comfortable, affordable and a wardrobe essential must have. Belt them, leave a few buttons undone, drop it past your shoulders….too many options!

Below are five ways I wore my  H&M shirt within the last month.

9-5 chic/ Boss-babe 



I wore this to church last weekend with the shirt pulled out(throw a skinny belt on it too).  9-5 Chic appropriate.

Business Casual/meetings2016_05_16_0320


Tuck it in

Wore this last month to run errands in the city and meet with clients.





Let it loose

I wore this during the day while vacationing in New Orleans last month. Would look great with linen pants for the Summer or island attire. Aldos Boots  , Fanm Djanm bag

Date night/ After work drinks


Off the shoulder is so trending right now that you can probably find one at your local Walgreens.  Other brands will cost you a pretty penny. If you just want a taste of it I say save your coins and just drop it low with a Men’s shirt.2016_05_16_0489

5. Casual/ Layer up


polka dot top from H&M(recent )



I’m definitely wearing this outfit for Brunch this weekend!

1 blouse = 5 new outfits(Winning!).   I rather rely on  key wardrobe staples that provide multiple outfits instead of having a walk in closet full of junk and then complaining the typical ” I have nothing to wear!”

On May 25th I will be having a Style Meet up at Ash & Rose where I will be doing live demos like this showing you how to go from “Grind to Glam” and getting the most wear out of your Spring/ Summer essentials.  More on the meet up and tickets here http://bit.ly/1WYSB1H Hope to see you!