As I mentioned in my last post, Paramount theater is exciting.  The  bright lights reminded me of Times square  as a kid daydreaming while being yelled at by my mother to walk faster.  As an adult they  are still electrifying. The theater took me back to those days when I thought for sure I was going to be an Actor, Lawyer, Dancer and Fashion designer(all four) Dreaming big.



As a blogger I’m used to taking pics and having people staring, but this day I had a moment like it was just me my photographer and those lights…nothing else.  Those lights gave me an extra boost and an important reminder that I’m whatever I say I am and can also achieve anything I put my mind to.



Because the little details matter.  Added these colored socks for some fun. Even though you couldn’t see it much….it made me happy.


2015_11_14_570 2015_11_14_674

So shine! Don’t question your uniqueness, quirkiness or your “whatever you have but don’t see often”.  Own it.  Everyday is your red carpet. You are a star in your own right!

Vintage Jacket

Vintage Levis

Jessica Simpson platforms

H&M earrings

Rings- Gifted

Walmart T-shirt