Nothing makes me happier than bright colors.

Days when I’m over the top happy and bubbly I want it to show. This outfit is the quickest way to describe my mood without me having to tell you. Clothes don’t get any happier than this yellow and white jumpsuit from 40South street. I wore it once before to a graduation party and paired it with royal blue satin strap peep toes that had a small diamond embroider buckle (details matter!).



This time around, I wanted it to be worn differently. Most importantly, appropriate for the day I was having. It’s so easy to wear our pieces the same way ALL. THE. TIME…. BORING! So of course I threw on my favorite pair of heels aka my Converse sneakers that I purposely keep beat up. They are just not as fun clean… like where’s the personality? What’s the story?!
It was a little awkward when I picked up my six year old from school. I’m happily walking to the line and here are the other parents looking at this crazy person with this bright yellow jumpsuit and obnoxious sunglasses picking up her child. I pretty much forgot that I had humongous floral patterns on that day, but I hope it brightened their day like it did mine!
Outfit Details: (With links to similar items for purchase)
Photos by Hill Zhou.
Not so mellow, yellow for the win!