Sports jacket, wool hat, bamboo earrings and a pencil skirt?!… Not a combo I’ve seen before, but it felt good and it was my way. The top  needed a sultry touch, so a halfway zip and off the shoulder it was.


I always had a “why not?!” mentality when it came to style. Since a child I’ve been this way. Always curious, like what if ribbons (Haitian kid struggles) looked better as belts? Let me not forget  to mention the high school “why not’s” that ended up being my mother’s vintage elbow length leather gloves with a matching leather skirt… just because I was feeling fabulous.

Like I was dead serious and you couldn’t tell me nothing. Wasn’t doing any homework, but I sure was in touch with whatever character was in my head that day and owned it! The thought of dressing the way everyone else did made absolutely no sense to me if it didn’t come naturally. This attitude got me in trouble in other areas of my childhood but dressing up was the only time I had no limits or worries.


 Aldo Shoes (Last Summer purchase)


I still feel the same way as an adult. It’s cool that things are done a certain way and I’m often inspired, but I’m going to do it my way when I feel like it. That’s how new ideas and inventions are born. Someone had the guts to do it their way. Whether it’s a business idea or an outfit… try it! Your way may be what the world is missing.

MAC Cyber  Lipstick

Vintage 80’s jacket- Available here

H&M Skirt- Here

Aldo Hat- Similar here

Do you have a “Why not?!” moment  that you ended up loving?