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This may sound redundant, but it’s already  mid August!(inserts crying emoji)Like where? How?  And if you are a Mom you have the Back to school Blues and all these commercial reminders of how much back to school supplies you don’t have  *Rolls eyes* Beside those rants, Summer has really been good to me.  I  have been blessed and busy with a lot of work opportunities and the dope experiences that’s coming with them .While no office day is the same for me as a Free Lancer, one thing that I’m adamant about keeping up with is self care. No guide or self  help book got me this routine, simply being attentive, listening to my body and my gut. BODY AWDY // SKIN CARE When we don’t eat well, don’t work out and burn out , our bodies and skin will be the reminder and wake up call we need. After making peace that I may never like working out, it has been a routine the last couple of months.  Sometimes easy sometimes hard.  You’d have to …

Taste Of Nola Pt. 1

  Throwing it back to this gem of a place- New Orleans Louisiana. Traveling opens our minds, educates us and leaves us with a piece of that place we visited.  NOLA was the trip I didn’t know I needed.  Besides a few emails here and there and checking on my children it was truly a relaxing  vacation. I ate well.  Like three heavy meals as a kid in brooklyn type of well. We stayed at the Royal Sonesta   where Live Jazz replaced chirping birds and bagels were replaced by fresh fried beignets. My lenses can only show you a  small portion of this magic, so here’s a taste of NOLA… Share This:

A Day in Maine Via Amtrak Downeaster

Sometimes you don’t know how bad you’re in need of a getaway until you get there.  That was the case for me last week.  I traveled to Portland Maine  for a day trip with a girlfriend . I had never been to Maine before so all I knew were  what people had mentioned and what google pulled up.  And of course Lobstah(Boston accent) I’m so use to the discomfort of buses and cars while traveling  that I forgot how much of a difference a smooth ride makes. My getaway pretty much started when I sat down. No bumps or my typical motion sickness.  Before we knew it three hours felt like an 1hr 1/2 and we were in Portland. Truth is we were headed to Freeport but as we approached the Portland stop I looked over at Cass and whispered “Do you want to just get off?” (praying she said yes) Cass: “Sure! Why not?!” Like two schoolgirls cutting class, we laughed and hurried up to grab our belongings before the next stop. We took …