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New York Coffee Talk Ft. Nailah Ali

April 20th in Dumbo Brooklyn, a group of fine, glowing, beautiful, stylish and driven women met up, sipped and built. Aka another #NewYorkCoffeeTalk where you never know who’s showing up until the morning of. Even with tickets it’s still a treat of sorts because I met a lot of these women for the first time. This NYCT featured Nailah Ali who’s a graphic designer and director. Pedi’s and Lush products are cool, but these empowering and enlightening convos was like the ultimate and highest form of self care outside of prayer and solitude. To understand is to be there. We talked everything from raising families, manifestation and creating our own opportunities. Thank you ladies for your presence, light and energy. Share This:

#NewYorkCoffeeTalk ft. Harrison T. Crite

Last weekend as you may have seen on my social media, I had my second #NewYorkCoffeeTalk of the year. This months topic was “Hustle” w/ International Stylist Harrison T. Crite. Looking the part is always easy, but what you do well, consistently when nobody is watching is what determines your hustle or lack there of. Watching Harrison’s growth and consistency, there was no doubt that he was the best person to host this months topic!“I’ve never been afraid to try something new “ – Harrison Crite Like there are fly people all over NY, but honnnnney you just know when a NYCT attendee walks through the door. Slayage every single time! There was more note pads and note taking than social media coverage. So much gems being dropped that you just had to be there to absorb it all. Harrison shared how he got started in the industry, tips for creating multiple streams of income and and how it was important to have “Faith Over Fear!”. Basically it was a creatives church on a Saturday.So …

#NewYorkCoffeeTalk Fashion & Finance Ft. Micaéla Verrelien

December 9th I hosted the last #NewYorkCoffeeTalk of the year on Fashion & Finance  Ft. Micaela Verrelien.  While having a telephone convo Micaela mentioned how “some creatives still don’t know what an EIN is”.  I thought wow, we have to do a coffee talk on Fashion & Finance.  It’s easy to share places to shop and how to look, but being financially fit is so much more important.    Micaéla who is a an accountant   by day deals with numbers, budgeting and invoicing all day so she was the perfect host to help us set the tone for 2018! You know wasn’t no snow about to stop NY creatives from linking up.  Micaéla gave us tips on billing,contracts and the types of business accounts we can have. Other attendees shared their experience and what has worked for them.  So informative and so exciting to hear about current businesses and hustles and the ventures that are to come .               Photography by : Jennelle Gordon Follow her Instagram for …


“Another one!”(DJ Khaled voice) Yup another Coffee Talk in NY! Our first NY feature was the ridiculously dope Monroe of  Fashion Steele.  If you didn’t catch my Instagram posts promoting the talk then what you missed was a long list of why she was featured….hmmm…One of the most consistent fashion bloggers, sickest shoe game ever with the best pair of legs to match and she stays true to her style, vision oh and in the day time she’s Dr. Monroe.  Love it Love it!  This is just a few of the many reasons. Empowering isn’t about having the same look, lifestyle and beliefs all the time.  For me its Simply I love what you do how you do it and thanks for the reminder that “It” is possible. Boom.  That’s it.  If a Woman is dope let her know because we lose nothing by lifting another one up. We touched on Women Empowerment and how important it is to support each other and have a circle where its okay to brag. You know, how Men …


Second #NewYorkCoffeeTalk Date:  2/23/16 . Location: Brooklyn Roasting Company Manhattan.   Coffee Talk was on one of the coldest days during NYFW.  All news stations and meteorologist warned to not leave your house if you didn’t have to, but Hello!…New Yorkers on a mission cant be stopped by cold weather!!! We doodled(Well Marcia did), laughed, made new friends, took it to church and had some “Aha” moments.  If you follow my snap(vanavain) then you too came to church with us.  No amount of pics or audio can truly capture the amazing and uplifting energy that fills these coffee shops each month. Grateful.   NewYorkCoffeeTalk is a meet up for local creatives to Meet.  Build.  Sip and network.  Follow my  instagram page for Future announcements or send me your email to get on the announcement list. Photography: House Of Malcolm   Share This: