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Late bloomers… still bloom

Lately I’ve had a lot of conversations with other creatives and seen posts about organic growth and followers(mostly pertaining to Instagram). I see a lot of creatives losing hope due to the lack of numbers and following. I can relate that it’s annoying when you are putting in work but it seems like nothing is working. I’ve had that experience in my craft, in my personal life and it always ended up working out once I changed the mindset and energy .As I mentioned in “Late Bloomer” , I started most things in life later than most or what society says due to being a Mother early. That alone makes me ok to not have what others have or getting there at the same time. It taught me that a different or longer route isn’t a bad thing. Blessings,  like a maze will still find a way/you. Being frustrated about opportunities and numbers or goals is normal.  I think all those feelings are growing pains and the deeper issue and question is “what more can …


…wishing you a whole lot of it today. To get through the Monday blues. To tell recent fears that it’s the first of the month(“Wake up, wake up, wake up it’s the 1st of the month”~ Bone Thugs N Harmony) and they gotta get the steppin. The nerve to try again at whatever we’ve repeatedly failed(learned) at, but can’t leave it alone. The nerve to remind yourself who the hell you are and that you got this. To put on your bad ass face(inserts emoji with grillz), flip hair, look the part and werk! Nerve…wishing you a whole lot of it today, next Monday and forever because greatness requires it! Original outfit postĀ HERE     Vana Share This: