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Boston Coffee Talk- Caffe Nero

Seems like these months are flying by  and these Coffee Talks are one after another.  I love it though! This past Saturday  #BostonCoffeeTalk was held at the beautiful Caffe Nero in Downtown Crossing. Such a unique space with Victorian  like decor and beautiful vintage mirrors.  That and the friendly  staff is what sealed the deal for me. I owe myself another date there where I can soak it all in again while enjoying a good read. Uplifting and encouraging discussions among-st Entrepreneurs. Their drive and passion is so uplifting! I always leave wanting to go and create. Let’s not forget the bright and shining Paramount  theaters across the street that made the best backdrop. Something about bright lights I tell ya.I can only capture so much through the lens, but the real magic is in the energy, the convo’s and aha moments! Thank you again to all that attended and to the amazing team at  Caffe Nero!! I hope you can join us next month and if you are in NY this weekend, join me at #NewyorkCoffeeTalk in …

Boston Coffee Talk- Sofa Cafe

#Bostoncoffeetalk October was held at Sofa Cafe on Newbury street.(last one here )  Once again it was a ton of fun. I met some new folks who met some new folks. Honestly anytime strangers can make  friends, network and be fashionable all over a cup of coffee….its a win. This Cafe was intimate and colorful.  I fell in love  with the exposed brick walls and of course the retro sofas and pastel blue china…So vintage.  May have to go back for a shoot! Fall Fashion was in full effect.  I was definitely inspired to get new boots, denim and break out the pastels!   Photography: Tony Hyppolite Thank you to the Sofa Cafe team and  to all those that came out! Next Boston Coffee talk  is November 14th…more details to follow! You know I couldn’t leave you without a video recap, subscribe to my channel and look out for more videos! Share This:

Boston Coffee Talk- Ogawa Coffee

Last Saturday Sep 5th, I hosted a meet up called “Coffee Talk” #Bostoncoffeetalk.  I wanted to meet, socialize and build with other Bostonians in an organic way. No rsvps and no excessive advertising….just come out and have coffee. For me the mornings are when I reflect and set the tone for my day, so what better way to do it with others than over coffee in an intimate setting.  Ogawa Coffee was my first choice to hold this first meet up. A sucker for presentation, I immediately fell in love with the shops high ceilings and their inviting exposed windows.  Happy to say that the customer service and food was nothing short of amazing. Another talk is definitely on the way. Stay tuned for details.   Here are some snaps and street style  from the day. Photographer: Harem Graphia   Here is a video from the meet up! Subscribe and hope to see you at the next one! Thank you to everyone who attended and to the Ogawa Coffee team for a wonderful experience!!!! Share This: