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Unapologetically Ambitious 

I came across a post a few weeks ago that had the words “overly ambitious” in it. It was thought provoking for me for many reasons. Since a kid I’ve been told that I’m too confident, too ambitious and received stares  that pretty much said “what the fuck are you so excited about?!” (I still get them) Ambition and optimism is what has kept me daydreaming as a kid believing that I would be the best dressed lawyer(settled for a associates in Criminal Justice). It’s what I use when I don’t get it right the first 20 times. It keeps me curious and fired up to try again. I don’t have a sobby story for why I had to be this way, just trates from my Mother and Grandfather I guess. When they said they wanted something it was done and was never afraid of messing up. See the thing is compliments and achievements are cool, but it’s our attitudes and mental state that really determines if we get there. If we can’t envision it, …

Boston Coffee Talk- Ogawa Coffee

Last Saturday Sep 5th, I hosted a meet up called “Coffee Talk” #Bostoncoffeetalk.  I wanted to meet, socialize and build with other Bostonians in an organic way. No rsvps and no excessive advertising….just come out and have coffee. For me the mornings are when I reflect and set the tone for my day, so what better way to do it with others than over coffee in an intimate setting.  Ogawa Coffee was my first choice to hold this first meet up. A sucker for presentation, I immediately fell in love with the shops high ceilings and their inviting exposed windows.  Happy to say that the customer service and food was nothing short of amazing. Another talk is definitely on the way. Stay tuned for details.   Here are some snaps and street style  from the day. Photographer: Harem Graphia   Here is a video from the meet up! Subscribe and hope to see you at the next one! Thank you to everyone who attended and to the Ogawa Coffee team for a wonderful experience!!!! Share This: