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Pull. It. Together.

This is me feeling better after falling off of my to do list and not cooking for like I don’t know 4-5 days. My eviction date for this slump built of many things and pulling it together was Sunday. Colds, asthma episodes, laundry to do and all……I needed to pull it together .From my own experience, telling myself I must get out of a slump right away only makes things worse. Since I knew the eviction date was the next day, I went to bed early, woke up early Sunday and did all the morning chores. Stopped at Barnes & Noble for some good reads and spent the rest of the day creating content. Ready for another intentional day and week. Oh and with a new do I been rocking since Thanksgiving. Check out what I worked on and my next event HERE! Sweatshirt: TjMaxx stores(recent) Neck piece: Aldo’s accessories(old) Jeans: Gstar Men’s jeans (old) Booties: Pour La Victoire at TjMaxx(recent) Share This:

You’re inspired now what?

You’re inspired, now what? You ever read that self help book or the one your Instagram girlfriend is raving about and feel so empowered? Ready to take on the world and all. Ideas coming at maximum speed barely allowing you time to act on it? I’m over just being inspired. If I got even a penny for every dope idea I had I’d be rich. In the last year and even recently I just grew tired of just being inspired without any action or plan to follow suit. I found that being inspired and hours scrolling down social media became another form of procrastination . I of course convinced myself that I was killing two birds- supporting and being inspired. I’d spend hours day dreaming and floating on “what if’s”. Recently I started timing how much time I spent on the internet and set out time to intentionally plan only so that my ideas didn’t just remain ideas or graduate to fantasies. People constantly ask “How do you do it with 2 kids?!” Truth is …

Mommy Mascot

Its 30 degrees now what?! Those damn pity parties I tell ya. If there’s a popular season for them it’s definitely Winter(technically Fall but whatevs). It’s cold, I don’t want to move, think or do anything for that matter, BUT us Moms don’t have that choice. Actually we do, but it would be a negative domino effect. It’s sucks at times yet it’s an overall blessing that we set the tone for the home and kids. If we are happy so are they. If we are sad and down they already pick up that vibe. My weather app said 30 degrees this morning and you would have thought yesterday was August or something. Straight drama! I dragged out of bed and did the kids morning routine like a grumpy babysitter. While driving the kids to the bus stop my daughter asked while laughing “why you so mad?!” I replied while also breaking into a laugh “Cause I’m cold” . Like how stupid is that answer? It took for me to say it out loud just …

Why You Should Wear Lingerie Even In 30 Degree Weather!

Reason 1 It’s sexy and stylish ! Reason 2 A pick me up! Reason 3 Another exciting piece to the collection Reason 4 Nobody has to know! Imagine walking around all regular but you know underneath you Cat Woman and shit……a MOMENT! (unless of course you want to walk around with one sleeve off) Reason 5 Because Quanasia Graham said so and tells us how to style them!!I mean seriously most of the time when we force ourselves to look decent it’s to avoid scaring by passers and or co-workers. It would be a rough life if we always looked how we felt. I’d like to  think I found a balance over the years of looking presentable but also making efforts to look and feel good when no-one else is watching. In the end It’s about a feeling. That brings me to this post.  I love to wear lingerie under my outfits.  Is this a new invention? Nope, but dammit it feels sooo good! Especially the days that feel like they are never ending.  Or …


This morning as I was dropping off my daughter to school I looked over at her in amazement and full of joy. As a parent this feeling happens often but today it was different. The air was cold and crisp just like it was November of 2001. It hit me this morning that 16 years ago this month in her same grade, my husband(boyfriend at the time) and I was walking back from the neighborhood clinic after finding out I was pregnant. She’s been nothing but joy and lessons and in a sense helped raised us. The most talking her father and I have to do is tell her to clean her room. She tackled her least favorite subject this semester and is mad that she got “a 92 Mommie! Made a stupid mistake.” An overthinking young creative who’s competitive with even just her grades and always trying to outdo her last. Inspired! November always seem to be a great month for me. One that is filled with ease, clarity and execution. Could just be …

Steal His Shirt  Season 

Fall  is for stealing Men’s shirt out of bae’s closet. Every Fall I kinda have the same uniform. I pile on top of a turtle neck (like HERE) or a collard shirt and work my way into an outfit that I love. Same shit, different pieces pretty much. The neck fit can be off depending on how big or small bae is. When the neck is oversized even after buttoning I do a nice pull and tuck and boom the shit is a custom fit honey!I did a skirt so I didn’t totally look like I got dressed with the boys! Karla was straight disrespectful when she designed this skirt. I saw it and thought “come on shape!” I love how she make curve complimenting pieces that are timeless and go to  essentials.  And plus she’s probably like the first blogger most of us looked to when we first started blogging. I know me and my friends did and I’m more than proud to genuinely support her new endeavor. Besides layering I’ve been trying to keep a healthy …

Floral & Tweed Tings

Finally fun dressing can begin!  Summer is cool, but I’m damn near a minimalist each time because who wants to be bothered with more layers than they have to?!  My Fall go to’s are a good pair of tailored pants and fun printed tips. I keep the silhouettes the same but add fun in the prints and textures. When the temp really drops I’ll jut add a blazer, cargo oversized jacket or a thick knit sweater.  That’s how I maximize my wardrobe for the Fall, by playing with the same pieces and styling them differently! Floral top, men’s tweed  pants and horse buckle belt from @BobbysFromBoston Shoes: (old )Kate Spade NYC Share This:

No Opinions Being Considered  At This Time. Thanks!

It’s cold, raining and I had  Just gotten  back from a five day work gig in Burglinton Vermont and I’m exhausted to say the least. Not in a social mood, but  my mother calls and because she’s my mother I pick up.  “Hi Mother! What’s up?” Her: you back? Me: yup just got back to Massachusetts Her: Well Vana I don’t think this is a job you can do for too long. Remember you have two kids and a husband. (Like Jesus be the filter and guide my tongue because this is my mother) “What the fuck does that mean?!” Is what came to mind, however that’s not what I said. Duh. Now…..*sigh* This woman has been my biggest cheerleader my whole life and the one who convinced that I could still have anything I want despite becoming a teen mother.  Usually I’m quick with a response or comeback but this one threw me off. It needed to be registered, thought out and slept on. I’m certain she was and still is in my best …

In a funk

Not at the moment, but I was Sunday when I shot these. I had to cook three meals because I’m out of state for werk.(See insta stories). I had this shoot scheduled and wanted so bad to cancel it, but life doesn’t always work that way right? Sometimes we have to show up, get shit done. Even in a funk…. Shirt: current Tjmaxx(currently available) Pants: Zara online (last month) Share This:

In Good Company

Mood: Lifted Company: Monroe & Rose Track: Drake featuring Future “Grammy” You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again. I love dope women and having them in my company is the ultimate energy booster. I took these pics right after LA and right before having brunch with Monroe & Rose. My motivation sky rocketed. Felt like I was winning even more just by being in their presence. Get you and keep you some company that keep you inspired. Outfit Thrifted dress  Victoria Secret bra  H&M boyfriend jeans Calvin Klein Mules via DSW Photography: Dadou Chic Share This: