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” Mom appropriate?”

  “As a Mother how do you decide what is fashionable yet appropriate?” A creative asked me at #BostonCoffeeTalk this past weekend.  My eyes lit up….like what a great question! I hear so much on “looking like a Mom” and what’s “Mom appropriate” that I was more than happy to share my opinion on this topic. My answer “I don’t wear anything that I can’t comfortably wear around my children or  want my daughter to find if she googles me”   Growing up my Mother didn’t do midriffs(besides a few 80’s pics)or skirts and shorts that were over the knees….all while being fashionable.  I loved all of her outfits, but what stood out above all was how she carried herself.  She was always so classy and confident. This taught me that confidence and feeling sexy was a feeling , a way of being and not a particular fit.  She could have worn a plastic bag and still have been chic because of her attitude and  bone straight  posture. I keep in mind via my dressing, …

Creative Corner

Best medicine for Creatives is to Create. Now…   I’ve been in a really “juicy” creative space (I like to call it ) lately.  Creative juices damn near oozing out of my pores it seems.   Sometimes my brain feels like it’s damn   near explosion due to so many ideas with so little time.  Some days like below I just  get up, grab a few textures that grabs the eye and just shoot. With no shoes…just simply vibin and creating. Freely.   Jeans: G-Star Raw Robe: TjMaxx(Feb) Glasses: Tjmaxx   Share This:

”Who’s The Boss?”

Not the 80’s show where “Angela” had the best trousers, but the question you have to ask yourself when you almost second guess a not so common outfit that you really love.  A lot of people ask me how I manage to put some of my outfits together.  I pretty much freestyle, go with my gut  then make it work. Of course I laugh sometimes like ” You have the nerves”  But then I remind myself that it’s my style so I call the shots.  I’m the Boss. We all have personal style.  Some of us have found it. Some of us are still figuring it out. Some are in transition with theirs. If it feels good do it.  It’s always the first thought that rules.  If you don’t like it  afterwards then make the change the next time you wear that piece or outfit. Just enjoy the thrill of going against that silly voice that says it wont go. I purchased these sweet sweet pants from Boomerangs JP.  I was thrifting and purchased it …

Tell me why again?

Yesterday it was about 39 degrees and windy out.  And here I was shooting outside with my photographer eyes watering and all.  I didn’t have too many layers on and the cold was  all in my bones.   I thought “Now why the hell are you out here again?”  I laughed and remembered asking myself this same question around this  time  last year  in the below pics a week before NYFW. So the same answer I had last year was the same one I came up with  yesterday.  ” I love it! I can’t imagine not doing it….duh…I mean come on is quitting ever an option?!” <<<<<all this in a matter of seconds. When people come up to me and tell me a post or an outfit inspired them.  The excitement and glow in my clients face from a closet evaluation. And this  is just a few out of many reasons. Decided a while ago that this was success and when I can repeat this feeling over and over again I’m successful.  Those priceless moments provide me …

Like Wine.

Truth is I wore this look for Boston Fashion Week.   But, I’m Really considering  some high and low cuts for the holiday parties. This wine color  screams all sorts of Holiday without it being the common red and green hues. This is a vintage home made dress(Seams undone, no tags) Love Love Love these type of pieces.  I feel like they were made with love.  Any who, besides holiday looks like THIS or THIS you can go a little sexy.  Get creative if you have to.  A kimono or an actual robe maybe?  I dunno but, grown and sexy is acceptable and so necessary for the appropriate holiday festivities.   Save the ugly sweaters for the company parties.  If you don’t know or remember, my rule for myself is to never wear my outfit the same way twice. It’s not exciting and doesn’t allow me to maximize my wardrobe(The reason I barely have to shop) Denim Vest/ Wrap dress/ Purse- Vintage Earrings_ H&M(old) Lipstick MAC “Cyber” Shoes(BCBG) old   Share This:

Holiday look- Casual Chic

In this post I mentioned going chic for the Holidays, but this outfit here reminded me of casual chic for the holidays as an option.  The easiest and coolest way in my opinion to add a casual touch to a fit is  adding denim.  With a such a vibrant top like this vintage one,  a casual touch was needed  fast.  I couldnt afford to look like I hijacked my grandmothers and not do it justice.  Nothing a cinched waist cant fix right? These Asos pants pulled it all together. Snatched honey! Turn any top into a Winter essential by adding a turtleneck. It just works. Felt like the fit could have used another layer…aka a reason to wear this H&M Men’s shirt. Made the outfit a tad bit cooler. Turtleneck(last season): H&M Shirt: H&M Pants: Asos Shoes: Aldos Varsity Jacket:  My girlfriends(She doesn’t remember) Off to enjoy my weekend! Fierce Styles , Family hang time and shooting is on the menu. Photographer: Silas Vassar Share This:

A Day in Maine Via Amtrak Downeaster

Sometimes you don’t know how bad you’re in need of a getaway until you get there.  That was the case for me last week.  I traveled to Portland Maine  for a day trip with a girlfriend . I had never been to Maine before so all I knew were  what people had mentioned and what google pulled up.  And of course Lobstah(Boston accent) I’m so use to the discomfort of buses and cars while traveling  that I forgot how much of a difference a smooth ride makes. My getaway pretty much started when I sat down. No bumps or my typical motion sickness.  Before we knew it three hours felt like an 1hr 1/2 and we were in Portland. Truth is we were headed to Freeport but as we approached the Portland stop I looked over at Cass and whispered “Do you want to just get off?” (praying she said yes) Cass: “Sure! Why not?!” Like two schoolgirls cutting class, we laughed and hurried up to grab our belongings before the next stop. We took …

#NewYorkCoffeeTalk: Brooklyn Roasting Company Dumbo

The first #NewYorkCoffeeTalk was held in beautiful Dumbo Brooklyn 11/21//15  at Brooklyn Roasting Company. Inspiration is everywhere in New York. From the subways(As crazy as it gets down there) to the hundreds of personal styles that slightly brushes past you in a hurry. I love it all. So when I thought Coffee Talk New York I got all excited just thinking about the amount of inspiration and creatives that I would encounter. What I loved most about The shop besides their quality coffee, was the space. The exposed piping and rusted chipped paint outside set for the perfect creative meet up. We laughed, we  hugged and as you can see….we served in style. Wooooh! inspired all over again. Thank you to everyone that came out and a huge thank you to the staff at Brooklyn Roasting company! See you next month New York! Coffee  Talk  is a monthly(Bi monthly for NY) meet up for local creatives and influencers   to Meet. Build. Sip. Look out for future dates on IG. Next Photographer: Silas Vassar Share This:

Chic for the holidays

Holidays are already here, which means besides deciding what dish to bring,  you’ll also be scratching your head for outfit ideas.  Go chic! Whether  you are hosting, attending a friends party or  meeting the in-laws, a polished finished look is a win. A chic look  requires more attention to detail and fit, but most importantly functional pieces.  You don’t want pieces that you will have to babysit and pull at. A few staples to look for in your closet  to begin creating these looks are blazers, tailored fit pants, pencil skirts, and collard shirts/blouses to name a few. These will usually transform your whole look and pull it together. For this Monochromatic look I did some light layering and playing with different textures like I did HERE with red. This look could have been just as chic even if I opened up the jacket and added a long neck-piece. If you do not have fitted bottoms like the ones I mentioned or want a loose fit, consider joggers and styling them like I advised in The Boston …

Baby You’re a Star !

As I mentioned in my last post, Paramount theater is exciting.  The  bright lights reminded me of Times square  as a kid daydreaming while being yelled at by my mother to walk faster.  As an adult they  are still electrifying. The theater took me back to those days when I thought for sure I was going to be an Actor, Lawyer, Dancer and Fashion designer(all four) Dreaming big. As a blogger I’m used to taking pics and having people staring, but this day I had a moment like it was just me my photographer and those lights…nothing else.  Those lights gave me an extra boost and an important reminder that I’m whatever I say I am and can also achieve anything I put my mind to. Because the little details matter.  Added these colored socks for some fun. Even though you couldn’t see it much….it made me happy. So shine! Don’t question your uniqueness, quirkiness or your “whatever you have but don’t see often”.  Own it.  Everyday is your red carpet. You are a star …