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Get it from her Momma!

Hahahaha what  a stupid title, but what am I gonna do leave it blank?  I mean this dress deserves some sort of acknowledgement here.Anyways.  I wore this dress last week to attend South N The City picnic on Governors Island.  As usual I don’t plan my outfits  in advance, so the night before my flight packing got a little something like ” Love the color”, “Less Print” , This could be good incase I find somewhere to go!”.  Nothing set in stone because again dressing is about showing or highlighting an emotion and mood.  There is not telling with me how I’ll feel or what mood I’m in.


I purchased this dress from my mothers closet last week while she was getting rid of pieces she wasn’t attached to anymore or the fit was bad.  Message: Declutter Declutter your closets! So on my way to the airport I noticed that this dress was sitting in the back seat and not packed in my carry on which at that point had no room for not even a hairbrush.  Now I arrive to the departure terminal and I’m thinking “Damn I have to go with this dress!” So I start to take off my shirt and tell my mother to pass me the dress. With a Haitian accent she’s like “Vanessa! you are going to change right here in the car?! * gives dirty look and shakes head

Me: Yes Mommy pass me the dress!


Cuff from Tj Maxx

This whole time I’m walking through the airports I have no idea how my outfit looked like.  I didn’t know if this proportion was right or if I looked like a Haitian bag of skittles.  Yes I’ve been wearing the dress and pants combo, but fit and proportion is key.  Your dress can’t look like it was a struggle to get it over the pants. Also  the pant needs to be showing a few inches past your skirt hem.IMG_0632.jpg

With only a half hour to get dressed  I get to Monroe’s house and go to put an outfit together when Monroe says that the outfit is cute specifically “You know that’s the wave!” Looked in the mirror and I agreed it was a go.  Steamed that bad boy and we headed to the Picnic.

As we walked towards the check in table I noticed that there was a whole lot of yellow. I totally forgot about the color theme but was so happy that I could accidentally be a part of it. I had a ball at the picnic.  Rose, myself and Monroe set up our little area and then hit the ground to network and shop.  Full is an understatement for how I felt about the positive vibes and radiant beauty that covered all corners of  the field. What I loved most was that It was a packed picnic, but It wasn’t  a sweat box type of event(which I see too often in the Summer).    I’m definitely packing up my girlfriends from Boston and attending next year!

Dress:  Old Talbots purchase

Jeans: Madewell

Sandals:  Aldos buy(last year

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Late bloomers… still bloom

Lately I’ve had a lot of conversations with other creatives and seen posts about organic growth and followers(mostly pertaining to Instagram). I see a lot of creatives losing hope due to the lack of numbers and following. I can relate that it’s annoying when you are putting in work but it seems like nothing is working. I’ve had that experience in my craft, in my personal life and it always ended up working out once I changed the mindset and energy .As I mentioned in “Late Bloomer” , I started most things in life later than most or what society says due to being a Mother early. That alone makes me ok to not have what others have or getting there at the same time. It taught me that a different or longer route isn’t a bad thing. Blessings,  like a maze will still find a way/you. Being frustrated about opportunities and numbers or goals is normal.  I think all those feelings are growing pains and the deeper issue and question is “what more can I do?” Or “Did I give my all?!” Those two questions help me when I’m down and doubtful. When I don’t get a response to an email or when my IG numbers aren’t growing like they use to. I get it. But I know that it’s more important to enjoy the process of learning and figuring it out instead of comparison or buying followers (I get it, but I prefer organic). Life has proven to me that working hard, remaining true and being consistent is the first class ticket to success which is defined differently for us all.

I’ve been blessed with so may opportunities in the last five years after taking a leap. Traveling, features in magazines that I read as a kid and most recently being named “A style star” in Improper Bostonian last month. All these experiences, publications all while being under 10,000 followers and within a few years. I won’t say numbers don’t matter, but they don’t beat and can’t compete with consistency. You never know who is watching on set, on social media or checking in on your work. 

So again we, you, me are right where we need to be. When you start isn’t as important as how you start and how hard you go. Start today because Late Bloomers… still bloom.Outfit

Top: I Am Kréyol

Skirt: Ann Taylor (tailored)

Mules : Gucci

Purse and earrings: vintage 

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I hope you all enjoyed your weekend that I kept calling a  long weekend. This whole fourth of July holiday got me messed up, but really any day off is a good day to reflect, reboot and attack my to do list. Lately my to do list has had a lot of “No’s”incorporated  in it.

As I’ve grown as and individual and as a businesswomen I’ve been having to say no more often. I’m a people person and love having those around me be happy. If I can help you better believe that I’ll try. In life and in business that doesn’t seem to always work especially if someone’s happiness will cost me my sanity, health, time and sometimes money.

Sometimes No just means “I can’t afford to disappoint you”. If I agree to something that   I know requires time, effort and planning yet I don’t charge my worth or anything at all the outcome will most likely be mediocre or bad and lead to disappointment. Both myself, the brand and or the person will be let down. I’ve agreed to work in the past knowing it required more time and effort than I charged and it back fired. Sometimes  what are meant to be good intentions only make things worse and  then creating bad relationships.

When my gut says to say NO I ask myself is it beneficial for me and the brand? Meaning 
1)” Can I  learn or grow from this experience?” 

2) Is it aligned with my purpose ?”  

3) “Can I deliver what’s required of me within that timeframe?”

Knowing your worth is also knowing when to turn down a nice check if requirements can’t be met. When it comes to business and experiences I’m not saying money is everything, but you should decide that, not the brand and or person making the offer. I get emails weekly offering me free things from socks to deodorant. It’s like thanks but I can get those things without having to spend time away from my kids creating  hours worth of content and paying a photographer just to help you make more money. Like come on son!  There has to be a win win sometimes Not a win and settle.  Saying no only makes more room for serious brands and connections to come through. I will not be burned out losing dreadlocks from stress while somebody is skipping to the bank.

As creatives it is a good look when you have a #sponsored  hashtag but when do we draw the line to overcompensating?  No limits means we are always two steps from being burned out and bitter. I’ve learned a long  time ago that taking a longer route and sacrificing will separate you from the rest and get you the blessings and opportunities we truly deserve. It took me a few years  of sacrifice to get into a rhythm as a freelancer but boy has the “blessings keep falling in my lap”(Chance The Rapper )
Next time you have to say no just talk yourself through it when that little voice tells you that you’re being mean (it tries to convince me once in a while). Lastly when your intentions behind the word is good reasonable people and brands should understand. 

The outfit:

Lately I’ve been wearing this gray tee shirt with everything and incorporating it when I want lazy but intentional outfits . It doesn’t require much maintenance yet I can pair it with statement pieces that finishes or pulls the outfit together. I got these cullotes from Ann Taylor and was siked at the sale price. 

Quality x score= Win.

When buying culottes its important that the fit is on point and the quality is great. They have been done so wrong in fit and styles for so long that I’m super picky about where and what kind I buy. High waisted ones or at least under the belly button are faves. Check out These tan ones , These striped ones , Floral print , Denim and these   Other green ones
Enjoy your fourth and keep the feedback and questions coming on my social media! Apprciated and all read. 
Photography: K Sultan Photo

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Unapologetically Ambitious 

I came across a post a few weeks ago that had the words “overly ambitious” in it. It was thought provoking for me for many reasons. Since a kid I’ve been told that I’m too confident, too ambitious and received stares  that pretty much said “what the fuck are you so excited about?!” (I still get them)

Ambition and optimism is what has kept me daydreaming as a kid believing that I would be the best dressed lawyer(settled for a associates in Criminal Justice). It’s what I use when I don’t get it right the first 20 times. It keeps me curious and fired up to try again. I don’t have a sobby story for why I had to be this way, just trates from my Mother and Grandfather I guess. When they said they wanted something it was done and was never afraid of messing up.

See the thing is compliments and achievements are cool, but it’s our attitudes and mental state that really determines if we get there. If we can’t envision it, it’s a no go. Ambition to me isn’t about wanting to outdo people, it’s about doing my best because I believe I can’t fail if I am consistent, intentional and have faith. Ambition is the extra battery pack that we pull out when we have hard days, pity parties(I have one every few months) Hell I’m the attendee and bartender serving the cup full of pity 😂. Buuuuuuuut honey when I’m done with that shit I’m recharged and ready to jump in head first. 

Ambition followed with no plan or action is probably detrimental(always failed me) because we are just hoping, praying and doing nothing to bring that to life.  If you aren’t doing that then there’s no such thing as too ambitous in my book. If you’ve got ambition keep that shit. Unapologetically. If you don’t then tap into it. Sometimes you gotta convince yourself and push to see past the bullshit. The rewards will then keep you going. K? K!

Sunnies: vintage 

Thrifted jumpsuit $2.00

Shoes: Zara

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Start where ya at!

With what and who you have…

A Facebook reminder this morning showed me a picture of when I used to take my own photographs. It was lit! I had fun. It wasn’t always perfect but I made the best of all 200 pics lol. I purchased the camera 2 years prior while still at a 9-5. I rolled my eyes every time I walked in, but I was strategic about how one fed the other. My PTO was used to attend New York Fashion Week and to leave early for vending gigs. My thought was “If I’m going to be here why not use what I’m getting to pour into my business?!” It made coming to work a piece of the puzzle and not the end.

Sometimes we wait for the perfect time, job, money etc before we start charging towards our goals, but it’s damaging more than anything. If you’ve always wanted to blog start now! Download WordPress on your phone and blog through there if a laptop isn’t available. Always wanted to get a diploma but have kids start going to school at night part time(I did it from 23-25)

Want to be a designer? Buy a sewing machine and some patterns. Today! Like just start! With what and who you have. 

I write this with new goals and  new fears(yes because new heights and challenges  are always uncomfortable at first) so I’m starting new things today  where and with what I have.

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Boston Calling Recap

Happy Tuesday I mean Wednesday 😩😩

This short week got me all messed up. Anywho let’s take it back to last Friday when Mother Nature had all sorts of mood swings and couldn’t decide if we behaved enough for some sunshine or better yet a dry day. She went left and killed us with rain, but who cares when you get to See Chance The Rapper?!!!! Like his performance was chill giving, soul filled and thought provoking. Like I never cared for another performer like this  besides Beres Hammond.  The kid is going to be a legend.

How many rappers ask “How many of y’all want to go to heaven ?” And ask twice because “some of y’all didn’t answer truthfully” that’s dope! Grown Men were in the crown harmonizing with Chance and his group word. For. Word.  This performance was so on time for me for so many reasons. One because I’ve been working not stop for like two months straight and needed some self care time. Second because as I’m in transition phases this performance reminds me that it’s all about purpose always and serving the people. A great reminder that platforms are meant to inspire and not pollute. I never downloaded not one song of his prior to the festival , just radio and catching him while he won his Grammy(s). Other than that it was “hmm nice songs”. After the performance and him taking time  to say “I’m sorry let me introduce myself” sealed the deal for me. Got home and purchased his album on like 3. Somethin seconds 😩😂😂I don’t care for hype, but character x talent will do it for me. 

My photographer and I D Irvin both agreed this Man was the icing on the cake for our time at the festival. I left full and ready to tackle this week and create, create, create.

Check out my recap video here for a bit of my weekend.

Outfit #1 details 

Dress from Nigeria

Thrifted belt and camouflage jacket

H&M jeans

Guess booties from Marshalls

Outfit #2 details  Here

Picture and video : D Irvin

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Just chill

Yesterday was Day 2 of Boston Calling and it was a super chill day and the vibes were good. I’m certain that Mother Nature bringing us sun was one of the reasons. Barely any room to walk, I tip toed and zigzagged around napping, laying and eating folks on the ground. A good problem to have seeing that the day before laying down wasn’t even an option. 

I set out to capture some street style, ask questions and head out, but I ended up having genuine and purposeful convos with folks and made that priority over exchanging an IG or email. Of course that was done once or twice, but the point is sometimes you set out for one thing and end up getting something totally left and heart filling at that.  I’d like to speak for everyone there and say that we were being medicated. Music does something to the soul that indescribable and only a music lover can non verbally understand. In theses last two days, not once was there a fight or a time that I didn’t feel safe. The overall view and vibe looked like what 70’s festivals vibes would have been made of.  Care free dancing , wide eye smiles and    Belly holding laughs. Like so so good. Exactly what my soul needed after a non stop work week.

The festival is broken up into stages: Green stage, blue and red. On Day 1 my photographer D and I was just glued to Green and Red. Migos came on and had us turnt and then we stayed until Chance The Rapper came on( still speechless). Yesterday D suggested trying out the blue stage. We found Kenny Brown performing and let’s just say that was a world of its own. A two minute walk took us from country music to hip hop. Folks dabbin and cranked AF. The energy so good we just sat and chilled there until Majid Jordan came on. First time hearing his music and now a new music follow for me! Boston Calling has been like school orientation with new introductions to artist and different genres in a concert form. I wouldn’t have looked up that many artist on my own for no reason, you know?Even though it was a two hour stop in, D and I still spotted and stopped a few street style babes like so…
“I don’t have an Instagram” I high fived that 🙌🏾Hi, can you mail me these overalls girl?!  Crazy about the mustard and red lip🎯❤️Romper mami 💅🏼 YSL Papi 🎩 Supreme Team

Now I’m off to have breakfast with my family before heading to day 3 which I’m excited about! Follow along on my Instagram Story.
My outfit 

Chanel vintage silk blouse

Vintage Levi’s

Vintage purse 

Vintage boots( like so damn good right?!)

Vintage purse 

Marilyn Monroe glasses from Marshalls 

Photography: D Irvin Photography

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Boston Calling  Street style

Can I just say  that yesterday was like the best day ever?! The best. I had never been to Boston Calling until they this year. I was absolutely bummed that Solange didn’t make it , but there was so much more to look forward to and boy was it lit! I will go deeper into the performers in my personal style post. What I love the most is that the festival is three days and you can buy tickets separately for each day…. even at the gate! 🙌🏾🙌🏾

 You know I couldn’t  attend without covering fashion. So yesterday felt like New York Fashion Week again with me approaching people to ask permission to take their pics.  Everyone was so sweet and agreed….Dope vibe dope style. It lives here in Boston …👇🏾

Loved this bomber and how she effortlessly layed the cross body bag. @sal.florentina

Yes to all of these colors and the pigtail bun. @shell.yahHow cute is this Coachella Mami @JamieptranIn Living color @flwrsandfernsShe came to slay and stay dry! @juliaathy🦄 eyesCool kid.“I’m from New York” 😎 @agustinagaviola

Me and this Hottie shared an uber. Love the whole get up.

Aren’t they poppin?! 
Stay tuned for tomorrow’s recap of today and check out my Instagram story  for performance clips! Hurry before it expires.

Photographer: D_Irvin

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Gingham Mami- all the must buys!

I heard gingham is “trending” aka they pulled it out the classic archives. Here’s the thing… it’s at least the 5th or 6th time it’s been re-trending since I was like 8/9 years old. How do I remember ? Because my aunt who was my fashion icon had a beautiful flowy  gingham red dress that was off the shoulder. That was my intro to gingham and since then have been a fave. BUT let’s talk about quality because some prints are just plain ugly and very cheap looking.

Here’s my aunt in “94”with the dress!! She just sent it.(I never forget a dope outfit!)

I love you toooo  much to let you go and  pick up just any kind so I picked a few faves that are classic and will live past the “trend season”. When you shop with a purpose there is no going out of style.

These two pics are styled by me from an event I had with Shake Shack Newbury called “Shakes & Silhouettes” last month.   *pic credentials on IG*

Styled this gingham off the shoulder  top from Marshalls with a lace gold top from Ash & Rose . Pants from pajama section in Marshalls. Breaking rules !

So if I were you I’d buy these 

Zara gets it👇🏾

This babe

This to die for skirt
Off the shoulder realness

Take me on a picnic chic

Dress me in gingham

And Asos not playing either!☄️

A side of peplum please

Blouse up!

Yellow Mellow

So which one are you getting ? 

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Tunnel Vision 

“My momma told me boy make a decision right now I gotta keep a tunnel vision”~ Kodak Black

The goal is to do it all at the same damn time. Says the princess in the fairytale being fed grapes with her foot up with no kids lol. When I’m killing it in one area another area is neglected at least a little bit. I have been booked with styling gigs and had to pick my head back up to touch up on other things in life. Like the gym, gaining weight(yes because my butt is getting small from working a lot and not eating enough.) “I like nice curves and I cannot lie”😂😂👌🏾🙌🏾😀

When I think of tunnel vision I think about my college days when I was working a full time job and getting good grades and starting a side business. Those days remind me that I got comfortable because I can do wayyy more with a little more planning and focus. We need a reminder sometimes.So anywho I’ve been thinking about tunnel vision and how targeting a few  new goals at the same pace will pay off and work wonders. I also remind myself that falling a few times while carrying all of them is ok. I truly believe that it’s more attitude than anything. If we beat ourselves up we can’t get past failing  and leave no room for energy and action. So I’m looking forward to trying, failing, conquering, repeat. I’ve never not gotten something I put 100% in so leggo!

Enough about me. How have you been? Are you currently targeting any goals ? How?
Sharing is caring dammit so spit it 👇🏾👀👂🏾
Oh and if you’re in Boston join me this Saturday 5/13/17 for #BostonCoffeeTalk at Caffe Nero Jamaica Plain 10am-12pm 

Outfit: vintage tee and jacket

H&M jeans (last year buy)

Kate Spade shoes(2016)

Photography: Tionna

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