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Shake Shack & Chill! 

If you know anything about me or follow my Instagram you know that after Faith, Family and Fashion comes food! It’s comfort for the soul and when made with love it’s bragging worthy.

The only burgers I’ve had the last few years before Shake Shack were homemade ones that my mother makes. The ones that when you bite into actually taste like meat and not some weird substance that’s been refrozen for decades.  I finally tried one outside of home for the first time 2 weeks ago with my business partner and loved it! All I needed to hear was 100% beef to convince me to bite. And let’s be honest, an exposed kitchen  says “We are confident in our food and service”

I’m a believer of the motto  “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”, so I had the ShackMeister again! This mouth watering  burger  is made with 100% angus beef and topped with seasoned shallots and Shack Sauce. Just right and not too messy(hate a disruptive burger). 

Convinced my friend to get the double version. No regrets!

Drum roll….. this baby on the left is loaded fries with bacon bits, cheese and and barbecue sauce. Like seriously this thing is even good cold. I brought some home to my kids who didn’t even bother warming it up. 😂🙌🏾

This time around I skipped the tasty white wine for a milkshake.

Stay with me here  we are still talking Shake Shack! Downstairs is a whole different atmosphere. Two HDTV’s and games for a real chill vibe. This private room is the newest  hidden treasure on Newbury st.The exposed brick walls set the perfect mood for social gatherings and even kids parties. Had I known about this in January I would have rented it for my sons birthday party.

Dope artwork sourced from Artist For Humanity and Vanilla milkshake for the win!

If you don’t make it in soon to check the space , you should definitely look forward to my fashion meet up event  “Shakes & Silhouette”! Think Spring fashion and networking. More details  coming in the next post! 

Post sponsored by Shake Shack all opinions and thoughts  are my own.

Outfit details

Zainab Sumu hoodie 
Vintage fatigue jacket and fur coat

Levi’s jeans

Kate  spade heels

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On time and in style!

The last time I was crazy about a watch or cared for one was in the 4th grade. I remember the details and colors so vividly. It was a Mickey Mouse gold trim face watch with  a brown leather band.  As a child I took notice that my mother always wore a watch and would never leave home without it. From that time  I always looked at a watch like a statement piece. It was an accessory  that I associated with sophistication /businessman. Fast forward to today and I finally found a watch that I actually care for and like. When Jord Watches sent me a link to their site and collection I was like 😱😍(seriously!). In a world of rose gold and blinged out watches, this brand definitely got my attention and kept it. Unique, classic and statement making watches.  As if the designs weren’t good  enough, the packaging was also extra ordinary and icing on the cake. Presentation to me is a summary of the brand and vision. Sold!

  In the 20 plus years since losing that Mickey Mouse watch I never cared for a watch until  now. I instantly shared the link with my business partner and immediate family. If it’s good I’m sharing. You know that. Your personal style should show even in your accessories because it will either compliment or kill your outfit.
I chose this big face watch for a masculine feel. I have a small wrist so anything smaller would have felt too safe and “cute”. This will  be a watch that I can wear to work on set  as well as to a casual dinner date or a night of networking or mingling with friends. Because it’s wood, it’s a perfect  transitional piece for all seasons. It pretty much goes with all palettes.

Here I’m wearing the Frankie Series Dark Sandalwood & Emerald Women’s watch to run errands and meeting with a potential client . Trust you will be seeing this baby in future post.

See for yourself  and check out  their women’s watches here

Men’s  watches  here

Because it’s never to late or early in the year to gift to my loyal readers, I teamed up with Jord watches to have two people to  win $100.00 and one $25.00 code towards a watch of their choice.  You can enter below starting today with the give away ending on March 12,2017.

Me waiting for you to enter the give away 😂👀

What are your thoughts ? Am I not given every reason to watch crush Wednesday (just made that up 😝😂) this brand?

Enter the give away HERE!
Watch: sponsored by Jord Watches

Luxury Wooden Watch

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Damn near had a blizzard for the first day of New York Fashion Week.  Typically one would look outside and think “stay in”, but nope Fashion week is work for me so the show must continue. And it did.  All 8,000 shows. OK, fine more like 5 0r 6, but it sure felt like a whole lot took place within a short time.  Despite the slush, disrespectful wind and wet feet, It feels good to be back doing what I love. Thankfully I dropped these sneakers in my suitcase. I pretty much worked the outfit around it. Outside was too gray and slush to do all neutrals. You know I can’t just settle for all dark colors!
let’s get into this vintage 1951 Parka though……so damn good.  I’m always here for an over sized men’s coat.  MAC Cyber lipstick for a little badassery (and because a bright lip would be  a distraction)  Ok, off I go to tackle day 2. First show is at 10:00 am.  My cold and allergy is saying rest(the devil) and my working brain is like “You left your family,came here to sleep in?!”

Working brain for the win. Follow my Instagram stories for all show coverage!


Outfit deets:

Vintage Parka, denim Polo shirt, Men’s wool pants from Bobby From Boston

Sneakers: Kith NYC

Vintage purse, vintage motor vest(old)

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Situation: 16 and pregnant
Location: Kitchen
Mom: you can still have anything you want
Me: 🤔 Bet…

I say it’s not the size of the team, but instead the character of the teammate. “You can still have anything you want” is a comment that comes to mind every time I’m met with uncertainty, doubt, fear and mind-blowing opportunities. Being 16 and pregnant is no bleeping joke as you can imagine. Shit gets real, real fast too. Decisions have to be made though. “Roll over, fold and die with self-pity?” Or “Face this shit and make the best out of a bad decision?”

Clearly I picked facing this shit. A degree, business, marriage and two kids later I look back and revisit that moment often.  It’s a reminder that half the shit I face and stress about didn’t and doesn’t  even compare to the biggest hurdles I’ve overcome. My….. those 7 words was my invitation, boarding pass and constant motivation I ever needed and will probably ever need after God. Imagine if it was the opposite reaction and I got a verbal beating? Ha! I wouldn’t have been the same. Even confident folks need love. One Woman poured into me and it made all the difference.

My point:

1) Keep in mind who you keep as company

2) We all need a little boost and love

3) It’s not how many people you have it’s the amount of love.

4) If you don’t have a cheerleader be your own

5 Be mindful of what you project and say because words have power.

oh and before I hit “Post”

6) Don’t find self love or confidence as a threat. You never know what that person overcame to reach this point. Just ask.


Yeah all of that and kick some ass today. Be a genuine cheerleader if needed.


Do you have a memorable moment that still carries you through? Or a person ?

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Thank you….maybe

You ever give a compliment to someone and their reaction/response or lack there of had you rethinking where you went wrong?

Like “No not your social security number or address…..your blouse girl your blouse! it’s cute”.

My face when I gets no response…

I’m hella friendly, severely talkative and a compliment giver since a kid.  I remember being in Kings Plaza Mall as a kid and my mother literally pulling me behind her  with my sister giving me that “Shut Up!” stare as I try to finish a conversation and a compliment. Compliments do more for me than me trying to do for the person. I realize they make it about someone else for that time and not us or whatever problems we could be facing.

So whether I get a response I like or not I’m still gonna dish out genuine compliments. “You get a compliment! You get a compliment! *Oprah’s voice and hand gesture*. No but seriously I’ve learned for some it goes back to upbringing and personality. I’ve met people who expressed that their lack of confidence made it hard to even utter a thank you because the compliment is not something they see.  Some Women  have shared that they didn’t grow up getting them or were used to mean girls and just didn’t know how to respond to other Women who gave them a compliment. I can understand which is why I don’t take any baggage from a bad response.  Growing up my Mother was and is still a cheer leader for her family and friends. I’m certain that growing up in that environment has a lot to do with some of my characteristics.


Yes I was really writting them out. To Harrison to be exact

As if novel texts and IG emoji comment overload  to my friends isn’t enough, I send out Thank You cards. These are another way I can show appreciation and compliment  loved ones. Say it out loud…THANK YOU CARDS IS STILL A THING. Rare but still a thing.

Thank you card set from Target.

Regardless of your story or personality, a thank you wont hurt.  I promise.

How do you respond to compliments? How do you respond to no response?

Weigh in..



Outfit deets:

Turtleneck: H&M

Robe: TJ Maxx last worn here

Shoes: Clarks



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NYE Mami Who dis?!

Location:  Boston

Playlist: Drake Ft. Future “Grammy”, Drake Ft.  Jay Z. “Pound Cake”, Mayorkun “Eleko”

Suggested Playlist while you view post: Beyoncé “Party”

Celebration: Another year of life aka New Year’s Eve Baby!

Dress: H&M

So this year I vowed not to be in the house for NYE, but most importantly to have a bangin ass dress to bring in the New Year. Because one option is never an option, I played around with this silver number for a pre celebration shoot.

Street style feel with Converse for comfort chic! Last all night.

Fur for a touch of Lux…

Leather if you’re a bad ass| Throw Confetti in 2017 not shade!

2017 diet: Goals & Champagne!!!!!

Red because BOLD is life!

“Unapologetically Vain” Mixtape dropping Spring 2017

BUT Wait!!! These details are life!

Parttttty Dun! Drink responsibly kids!

This bad ass of a dress is from H&M and you still have time to run into your local H&M and snatch it! Get it HERE

So which styling do you think I should go with?!  Street, Glam or Bold?

Did you get your dress yet?


Email me for last minute styling services if you still stuck!

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Red Red Wine

Maybe fitted dresses will be my NYE thing or it’s just one of my forever  recommended NYE outfit essentials.  Last year I did this green number  with fur and the same damn  pose.  This year I’m toying  with this option and one other one that’s coming in the next pose.  If all else fails grab at least one body con dress.  Pile on, pile off;

1)Tie a shirt around your waist.

2)Throw an over sized shirt or sweater over it for a two piece look.

3) A blazer for a masculine touch

Just your outer wear layer alone can make difference.

I would definitely keep the denim jacket as an option if I wear this for NYE cause a fitted dress alone is just…….ummmm…. Boring. I gotta have some type of accent piece or accessory.

This red red wine number caught my attention because of the velvet stripes and semi turtleneck.

A lil fur for a Lux feel.

Or you can do both so that you are still poppin even after the layer is off. Walk up in the party like heyyyyyy!


But what you came her for right…. Dress: Windsor Store $29.90

Fur Coat: Your Grandma

Shoes: Kate spade(Summer Sale)

Earrings/Denim Jacket: H&M (old)

Lipstick: MAC  Matte Royal



Be Sure to stay updated with the blog  for more NYE looks this week.  So which one you like more, denim or fur?


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Early Bird

If you follow my IG story and Snap(about to give one up soon. That’s a part time job) I get the whole staying up to date thing, but unless you have interns and assistants following you around it becomes too much. Sorry.

Anywho what I was a about to say is if you watch my Ig stories and snaps you would see that I get up each day between 4:30-5:30am. Depending if I have a styling gig I’ll wake up earlier to have time to myself before my commute or time for the gym.

I’ve grown to like it because 1) I don’t like staying up late. I’m an adult who has things to do so if I don’t have to be up I’m asleep. Period.

2) I get so much done. I mean serious shit especially when I’m in overdrive.

3✨💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾(My favorite one) *drum roll* I have quality time to myself everyday to reflect and enjoy the stillness that still remains before honks and cars go mad. Somedays I do tea, some days I read and other days I lay awake talking to God and or brainstorming. It really comes down to manipulating the hours to work for me and me feeling like I’ve had more hours than you and everyone else lol.

Now this isn’t always easy, but I try my hardest to get to bed before it’s too late. The goal during the week is between 9:00pm-9:30pm. So instead of me staying up till 1am I go to sleep earlier and wake up  early to get that time in. I just can’t function  and remain upbeat without 6 plus hours of  sleep. Plus I have natural eye bags when I smile so I’m not looking for an extension. Yah, no.

Can I get a witness? Are you an early bird or night owl?


Let me also add that I look forward to work everyday. EVERDAY!  I wake up in excitement even when I’m beat because I love what I do. When I was at my last 9-5 I literally rolled out of bed and dragged into work. Now I’m practically skipping to work like “what’s up?! What we doing today?! What am I learning?”. And yes I work way harder as an Assistant stylist/ Stylist than I did sitting at a desk twirling my dreadlocks. Ugh the memories.2016_10_31_400


Was inspired by the whole lingerie over your outerwear thingy so I wore my boosty la la over my denim shirt.


I guess I should address this fit huh?

Outfit: vintage Coat

Walmart denim shirt

H&M Pants

kate Spade shoes

vintage velvet bustier

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Layered & Privileged

Look who decided to finally have a “Fall” outfit after layering up her Summer t shirts with sweaters and anything she can find. I’d rather be layered up than to have one to two basic pieces for Fall. Sigh…. it’s cold as heck, but I knew that was coming like it has been for the last 31 years of life yet I complain every Fall and Winter.

Moving on>>>>>>>Last week or about a week and a half ago I said to myself one morning “Damn I’m tired!” Almost as if I had sympathy for myself. Within the same breath I sat up straight and said “It’s a privilege to be tired!” Here I am tired from working on an assisting styling project that whole  week everyday from like 8am-6pm and plus an additional gig where I was the lead stylist. Like the nerve of me to complain. I had to check myself like yes you are physically tired but your heart is filled. You are doing something you love, EVERY SINGLE DAY. Somebody didn’t wake up today and many others are dragging into their jobs, dodging their bosses and counting down the seconds till 5pm.

The point I’m making isn’t that fatigue or complaints isn’t aloud, but instead we(even if you are at a 9-5 you hate) are blessed still. We sometimes get so caught up in the entitlement, victim or pitty party that we forget the true gems in life. I know that when  a bill is due telling yourself “This bill is due, but at least I have hands to hold this bill and working eyes to see the due date” may not be the first that comes to mind or help necessarily.  However an attitude of gratitude helps us leave the sluggish ways behind and gives us energy to find solutions. I don’t   always do this, but I have been practicing it more often and I’m less stressed and even more convinced that it really is mind over matter.





H&M turtle neck, Old Navy Cardigan(old)


H&M jeans and Kate Spade Heels(heels from last season)


Coat; Arden B. 2005

So today I’m happy for life, my crazy 7 year old, my beautiful and sweet daughter, my family, booked gigs,working limbs, the opportunity to vote(don’t you dare not vote!)….. all these things are a privilege.


Wishing you a kick ass week! More progression, more checks and more Slayage honnnnnney! Yasssa

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Corner Store Mami

A corner store?  Yup a corner store!

Growing up as a kid in Brooklyn my Summer memories  were Fire hydrates, Carnivals , bumping into rappers like Busta Rhymes at the local Mc Donalds and  corner store trips.  You couldn’t tell me I didn’t have the best Summers.  A few dollars would by  us quarter waters, sour powers, five peanut chews and an icy. The colors, the endless candy options was like my daily Disney.  In July while shooting this  look from NY Men’s Fashion Week, I decided to stop at a neighborhood corner store, post up and shoot.

Me:  Hi I’m a blogger, * pulls out my phone and shows Instagram pics*  Can I shoot here?

Owner: Sure! This is cool can I look while you shoot?




This choice came about because I was tired and overdue for a switch up for a shoot location and style.  Once at the corner store, I was reminded that change is good and the spur of the moment  is sometimes the medicine to boredom(I get bored easily).  As a blogger we often shoot when we don’t feel like it, smile whether we  want to or not, but do so with keeping  our readers in mind. This day I kept you all in mind, but also the Brooklyn kid with the richest and funnest Summer.

I had so much fun going down memory lane and got a reminder of how far I came and how important it was to stay true whether the corner store editorial would be a fave or not. I never want to get too serious or business oriented where I lose touch with the makings of me.  It felt good and I’ll definitely be back to one soon! Next time for a Winter edition(Furssss) honnnnnney!




Corner stores been a big deal to me before they made it in magazine spreads.

Let’s not leave without getting into this Phillip Lim top I got a Saks fifth Ave Sale in the Summer. My consistent goal is to have less clothes with better quality and unique pieces. While I don’t believe that all expensive pieces are better, you do see a difference in quality some brands/ designer brands . Not only are they typically unique, but you can feel the difference in the fabric and stitching. If you ever second guess an investment piece ask yourself how many basic and cheap tops can you pass up  on just to have this one that’s reliable. I’ll be layering  it with a turtle neck, collared shirt to name a few.


Lately this purse and shoes have been a duo.

I’m off to a wedding now with my little sis.  Happy Columbus Day/ Monday!!

Top: Saks fifth Ave Phillip Lim

H&M Jeans Last worn HERE

No. 21 shoes Last worn HERE

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