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Floral & Tweed Tings

Finally fun dressing can begin!  Summer is cool, but I’m damn near a minimalist each time because who wants to be bothered with more layers than they have to?! 

My Fall go to’s are a good pair of tailored pants and fun printed tips. I keep the silhouettes the same but add fun in the prints and textures. When the temp really drops I’ll jut add a blazer, cargo oversized jacket or a thick knit sweater.  That’s how I maximize my wardrobe for the Fall, by playing with the same pieces and styling them differently!

Floral top, men’s tweed  pants and horse buckle belt from @BobbysFromBoston
Shoes: (old )Kate Spade NYC

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No Opinions Being Considered  At This Time. Thanks!

It’s cold, raining and I had  Just gotten  back from a five day work gig in Burglinton Vermont and I’m exhausted to say the least. Not in a social mood, but  my mother calls and because she’s my mother I pick up. 

“Hi Mother! What’s up?”

Her: you back?

Me: yup just got back to Massachusetts

Her: Well Vana I don’t think this is a job you can do for too long. Remember you have two kids and a husband.

(Like Jesus be the filter and guide my tongue because this is my mother)

At this point I wish I had a cup of coffee to sip on..

“What the fuck does that mean?!” Is what came to mind, however that’s not what I said. Duh.

Now…..*sigh* This woman has been my biggest cheerleader my whole life and the one who convinced that I could still have anything I want despite becoming a teen mother.  Usually I’m quick with a response or comeback but this one threw me off. It needed to be registered, thought out and slept on.

I’m certain she was and still is in my best interest, but I couldn’t agree on this one.  After giving it some thought it became bigger than how much the statement affected me. I thought about how many other women (including her) have been told to slow down, leave it alone or wait til later on to live their dreams. My mother raised two girls by herself and doesn’t know the feeling of having a husband who is one of the best fathers a kid can ask for(He. Holds. It. Down!). Let me remind you that in the Haitian culture no matter how good of a husband you have or how many nanny’s you have a mother is still held more accountable  for that child  than the Man is. Can’t speak for all Haitians but it’s a pattern I’ve seen and heard often since a youth. The men often do what they want when they want while the women stay home and keep shit right. Because my mother was a single mother she had no one to watch us while she “went to fashion week” or to “obtain a college degree at night” like I was fortunate to do .  Taking all of those things into consideration made me less angry, but also deciding that her opinion whether good intentions or not doesn’t have to be my truth even though that’s my mother. Period. 

All I could think about was how many other women have had their dreams silenced because of cultural ways, opinions and or lack of spouse support?  How many have already given up or didn’t start yet?

Well let me tell you that chasing your goals is a must and always WORTH IT. Even if it may cause friction at times. Truth is if my husband had to travel for work as often as I choose to no family member would judge. He’d proudly discuss the success with his friends and business partners  over tea and plan to dominate some more. And guess what? I’d be right there cheering him on as I’ve done since forever. We, me, you want and deserve the same support. I’d have a hefty bag full of money if I collected each time someone gave a negative feedback about my career choices. Sometimes even on my way to the airport or bus terminal I’m dealing with the tensions of “another travel?!”.  Each time it happens I ask myself and remind myself why am I going and what’s the end goal. 

Our gut never lies. You know when you should go for it and you know when to take a break. One thing that won’t feel good both from experience and hearing other stories of regret is not taking that leap.

What I learned from this experience 
My dreams are not up for debate.

People’s opinions whether good or bad isn’t my truth unless I say so.

There isn’t always a second chance, sometimes you have to leap at the first opportunity.

Use the silence button. Aka “no opinions being considered at this time”

What about you? Ate your dreams currently up for discussion?

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In a funk

Not at the moment, but I was Sunday when I shot these. I had to cook three meals because I’m out of state for werk.(See insta stories).

I had this shoot scheduled and wanted so bad to cancel it, but life doesn’t always work that way right? Sometimes we have to show up, get shit done.

Even in a funk….

Shirt: current Tjmaxx(currently available)

Pants: Zara online (last month)

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In Good Company

Mood: Lifted

Company: Monroe & Rose

Track: Drake featuring Future “Grammy”

You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again. I love dope women and having them in my company is the ultimate energy booster. I took these pics right after LA and right before having brunch with Monroe & Rose. My motivation sky rocketed. Felt like I was winning even more just by being in their presence. Get you and keep you some company that keep you inspired.

Thrifted dress 

Victoria Secret bra 

H&M boyfriend jeans

Calvin Klein Mules via DSW
Photography: Dadou Chic

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Jumpsuit Mami

Mood; Jumpsuit Mami

Location: SoHo NYC

Track: Buju Banton ” Black Woman ”

Volume: Maxxxx!

Designer Please please I beg you…. don’t confuse this dope BERIQISU jumpsuit as a two piece. You know I love me a good print as much as I love a shape complimenting jumpsuit. Both those together and you have one vibrant over the moon ecstatic 32 year old who came from the best brunch in life.  Wore this to #SteeleVain to host alongside Monroe.

After a filling brunch I headed to the rest of my NYFW shows in this fit. Oh and this light coat has a matching skirt and crop top if you want a Parisian chic feel. 👌🏾

Outfit courtesy of BERIQISU.

If you get one of their jumpsuits don’t rule it out for Fall weather! Wear it with a nude or gray colored turtleneck and a cardigan or a leather motto. Own it, be Vain and make it work!

But you know I couldn’t do all this flexing without sharing!!!!

BERIQISU is having a 50% off end of summer sale at her Williamsburg shop 

70 north 7th street

Williamsburg Brooklyn

You can shop online too with code:EOS50 

You betta….

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#SteeleVain Brunch Sponsored by Shea Moisture & Hue 

Where do I begin?!….. Great energy is a remedy. One that is filling and contagious. That’s just what was awaiting  when you entered a beautiful intimate SoHo cafe who’s back steps led you to a secret garden. 


Was born from a conversation with Monroe where she mentioned she had been itching to do an event. After much brainstorming , discussing purpose, back and forth texts #SteeleVain; An intimate brunch celebrating Unapologetic trailblazing women” was born. Just off of our intentions alone and the name, my heart was already full. Monroe’s consistent, hard working and trailblazing spirit  was confirmation  that this collaboration was the right move. 
I was seated amongst Women I’ve followed for years and never met, ones that I knew and some I met for the first time.. So good! We spoke our goals out loud and into existence followed by cheers and “Amen!”, *finger snaps* and head nodding smiles.  Who said you need to know folks in order to celebrate them?! Child bye.The food kept rolling in. Every time I looked up I was greeted with a “Would you like to try…..?” I got fancy and got a Matcha Latte. Standing ovation for the pastries though(especially the pistachio covered one ). Finger licking good that not even a midriff cut out jumpsuit could interfere. #greedy

Celebrating these women motivated me to work on some of my procrastinating to do list. To do more  videos, to travel more, to pitch and pretty much kill shit because why the heck not?!I could have cried probably twice because of the vibes but the way my thug-ness and my half ass smokey eye is set up right….. 😂This brunch further proves that celebrating others is good for the soul. It leaves no time for pity parties or second guessing. It shakes and sits us right up into our own blessings and purpose.There is no competing when we are all Dope. 
To our attendees ;
Jennifer Jean- Pierre – @CommeCoCo

Kellie Brown – @Itsmekellieb

Al Malonga- @wardrobebreakdown

Monica Awe-Etuk- @awedbymoni

Micaéla Verrelien- @micaelaverrelien

Rose Lazare- @Dadouchic

Danielle Gray @Stylenbeautydoc

Bre –@Brescullark

Tessa John Conner – @Afroista

Dana Oliver- @_danaoliver

Staci Pearson – Cocoandclick

Nailah Ali- @Themodaintersection

Thank you for attending!!! 

Thank you to our sponsors for making this happen!

Thank you to our secondary sponsors!

@Janisembroidery,Andy Jasmin RealtyEssie PolishOLLY nutritionThe Salt EmpirePixy Beauty@KadokeleDadou Studios@Via

Photography : Dadou Chic

Check out my insta stories tomorrow to see the goodies I got! 

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Cheer leading team 

Its that time again; I’m headed to fashion week. Every Fashion week I get the fashion week flu afterwards and always some type of distraction  before hand. Always. This morning while prepping to leave I was in a funky mood. Like a very bad mood which is rare for me. Somebody said something to me that hurt deep. I called my business partner T to vent and while on the phone with him I get a text from a friend telling me I crossed their mind and that they are very proud of my hard work and that I inspire .  I was reading it and ballin. Big fat tears.Talk about timing man. We barely text like that and all of a sudden I get this text that end with “God bless”. Like how rich am I?! To have folks in my life who love me, care for me and send good vibes.  What a feeling.People see the pics every season for fashion week and the publications and think it’s just all glam. It’s sacrifice. It’s being gone the first week of school for the last 4 years. A choice but not always an easy one. When I get down and moody about it I ask myself why I go and what will come of it.That text lifted me up and was confirmation that once again my ass needs to be in NY. Period. I push through even on my worse days because after feeling like I’m trying to be put down or distracted I come back with even more persistence, more fight. I don’t know any other way.I hope you have some friends or someone in your life that’s able to pick you up when you’re down and cheer you on. If not you have to push through and be your own cheerleader.


Before having a moment this morning I was already going to call this post “Cheer leading” because this fit and the pony tail felt like a highschool fit minus the heels. Definitely looking like I made the team. No?!
Sweater: H&M sweater 

Skirt: TjMaxx new 

Shoes: BCBG DSW(Spring buy)

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Life simplified 

Listen….. I’m changing and it’s scary as heck.  I’ve noticed a change in everything lately. My closet for starters. When I tell you I have stripped my closet of a whole lot of things.  I mean it’s a lot. No crisis no trauma, simply detaching myself of things that serves no purpose or brings forth a feeling of necessity. Like I have to love it. Every. Single. Thing. In the past I’ve made excuses to keep clothes, habits and even people.

I’ve been cutting out and working on certain habits  that I’m tired of. Some relationships have taken a turn, uncomfortable at first but less baggage and for the better. I’ve started accepting things and situations for what they are. I’m not as accessible to certain things and people as I once was. Oddly enough all of these things were / are happening at once, one after another.My tastebuds are even changing. I don’t care for or  crave the same foods anymore.  So apparent that I caught myself mumbling  to myself the other day  “damn kid, you really changing”

It’s like  life is being exfoliated and simplified. A bit scary but refreshing too. Change let’s me know that I’m alive and living. Grateful.
Robe: vintage 

Dress: TJMaxx recent

Blazer: H&M(last year)

Shoes: Sam Edelman Marshalls(recent)

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Unapologetic Mom Tour

Phone call  with 15 year old while I’m LA

15 year old: Mommie! When are you coming back?

Me: Kid, I love you guys enough to know when to take a break! See you soon

I love my family, but I know when I’m need of a vacation. Juggling a family, werk and relationships is a full time job. The last few months I’ve been working a lot of hours which doesn’t include a cubical and a heater underneath my desk that I can rest my feet. Nope! Racks on racks on racks models shopping and returns. *Repeat!* I love every minute of it because I’m living my dream, but when your body says take a second, you take a second. With any blessing comes cons and I’m grateful that mine isn’t enough to make me quit.

The Mom tour started in LA, because 1) I always wanted to visit and do research. 2)It wasn’t home (Massachusetts).
I needed time to regroup and reflect in a different space while still putting in a little werk. Let me just tell you how much it sucks to be working in one time zone while trying to please another before their work day is over 🙄.Nevertheless I ate well, soaked up some sun in a loud 80’s one piece by the pool and causally talked to stangers while scheming through the latest Vogue issue.

After 4 days in LA I flew to New York to hang out with friends, shoot and do a fitting for NYFW. Me, Rose and Monroe ended the weekend shooting in SOHO Manhattan and having brunch. It was thee most perfect ending to a weekend and start to a week. The vibes were so good! We talked about our businesses and future plans over latte’s and finger licking food in the most calmest sun kissed corner  of Maman restaurant. Talk about a reboost- you had to be there.

I came back home loved up on the babies…. actually ok I’m lying. I landed and went straight to work then came home and loved up on my family.  If you are a Mom and you feel like you need a time  out, DO IT! Your sanity is everything Girl! We do not have to look like our to do list or feel like real parenting is being out of breath, undone  with hot served food in both hands. Like definitely serve the food but shit do it while looking damn good too . If you have to why not be fine doing it?! No? Last year(coincidentally in August) I wrote about Self Care , the importance of it and the different practices I have. Funny it was almost around the back to school blues where our house takes a shift in routine.

If you’ve been thinking about a Mom Tour, do it! Your whole family will appreciate and benefit from it. Trust me.


Vintage velvet body suit

Vintage thrifed pants 

Kate spade shoes 

Vintage earrings

Mood : Patra

Song playing (yes I play music while I shoot: “Champion” by Buju Barton

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To Pitch, Pray or Pride?

It’s not easy out here in these creative streets. Especially when pitching and asking for help is involved. Truth is we, me, you can’t do it all by ourselves.  There’s a overprotective safety net when you have a craft or a brand. You start off as the creators, investors, assistant, tech and all. And for a while it’s cool cause what won’t you do  for what you love right?  After a while you reach a wall of endless duties  and or obstacles that is ever so apparent that “YOU NEED HELP”. Sometimes help as creatives mean a sponsor, an assistant, a baton in your field in order to kick down and enter the next door. For some asking and pitching is easy. For others like myself it can be a struggle. Let me start off with the fact that I was raised by a Woman who made single motherhood look effortless and still provided all that we needed by working for it. I reference her a lot when I’m faced with obstacles, but I also acknowledge that she may have been a little too tough on herself and didn’t ask for help or “feel”enough. With all good intentions that is. Woman and Woman of color in particular are often raised to toughen up and figure it out before feeling. Sometimes not being taught to feel at all.

My belief is if I can do it or research it why spend time asking, waiting for a response and sometimes a disappointment? Also the amount of time I can spend on endless pitches  I could be building my brand brick by brick. Maybe way slower than with assistance, but never the less building. As I’ve grown as an individual and a businesswoman I’m learning that it’s very necessary to pitch and ask for help. Doing it by ourselves  is sometimes the very thing that stints our growth and business.
I’m an advocate for grinding your butt off, but I also learned that without a balance you’ll quickly hate reaching out if you don’t have a direction or vision behind it. Burn out will lead to frustration.

I’ve spent days, weeks pitching and sending emails and reaching out with no response in return.  Sometimes I get  frustrated and ask myself “Do you Pitch, Pride, or Pray Vanessa?”. Not realizing that this feeling was from over pitching and not putting my eggs in other baskets at the time I.e blogging and or following up on my personal brand needs.

I decided that I have to exercise all. I know pride is not usually used in good context but, reality is some of us have it and some should have a little bit.  It’s up to you to decide how much of it and when you’ll use it.  

PRIDE for me is to have  enough respect for myself to know when to not try again or over ask about something I could have researched myself. It’s more damaging nowadays to carelessly ask. It looks lazy and is offensive. I don’t ever want to be on the black list or block list for the “askin ass girl” nah, Momma raised me better than that. Plus I’ve learned to appreciate the beauty in the struggle. Everything can’t and won’t come easy! You don’t want to fall into a dependency coma either.

PITCH has become a part of my weekly/ monthly to do’s. Sometimes I go weeks without doing it if nothing is coming genuinely  that will benefit both me and the brand. I don’t pitch to all my contacts right away. I keep in touch until the perfect opportunity arise(that could mean 2-3 years) P.s I just pitched to two brands while writing this blog post! 💅🏾

PRAY when I feel like I’m lost or distracted and need guidance. Pitching and opportunities could get you off track if you are not intentional about what you want. When I feel like I’m doing too much  and uncertain whether it’s the right move I ask God to keep me still and guide my steps.
I’ve come to accept that three P’s will change depending on where I’m currently at in life.(Not prayer though…. I need that daily )
What about you? You pitch, pray or pride?

Old HM shirt(last year)

Skirt LOFT

Sandals: ZARA

Cuff: local Tjmaxx  

Earrings: thrifted 
Chu welcome!

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