Photo by Toby Makinde

Hahahahahaha. Do the blogger laugh with me and smile!

Welcome to VanaVain.com, where you can join me in all my exciting adventures of fashion, style and inspiration. There will be weekly posts of personal style, where I will show you how  to remix your clothes with uncommon patterns and colors. Get an inside view of the mayhem of my life of the NYC & Boston fashion scene. The occasional mommy rants (yes, I have 2 adorable, annoying but definitely adorable children), where I will give my perspectives of parenthood. Lastly, there will be the 1-2 glamorous events that we all enjoy with a little red wine and a dope cocktail dress!

Thank you for joining and I look forward to smiling and laughing with you!

P.S. I switched after a few years from Blogger and here I am now at WordPress!


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