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Perfect pants- Purchase with a purpose

I switched up more than my hair lately.  The closet  has been gutted out a few times a month.  For  each item I brought home about three were donated. Swapping out some pieces that were no longer of interest or of  good use for necessary items. So yes I evaluate my closet just as I do for my clients. Wide legged trousers have been on my personal shopping list since the Summer. After avoiding online shopping for a while, I finally gave in.  Got past admiration and ordered these squash colored pants from Asos. I knew that they would transition well through all seasons and I would get my moneys worth of wear.   Purchasing with a purpose is so important.  If you can’t think of two- three ways to style a piece, don’t buy it. Buying just to buy is how clutter starts and the famous “I have nothing to wear”  line comes about.  The truth is you most likely have a closet full of things you don’t need which causes the gems in …

Unapologetic Mom Tour

Phone call  with 15 year old while I’m LA 15 year old: Mommie! When are you coming back? Me: Kid, I love you guys enough to know when to take a break! See you soon I love my family, but I know when I’m need of a vacation. Juggling a family, werk and relationships is a full time job. The last few months I’ve been working a lot of hours which doesn’t include a cubical and a heater underneath my desk that I can rest my feet. Nope! Racks on racks on racks models shopping and returns. *Repeat!* I love every minute of it because I’m living my dream, but when your body says take a second, you take a second. With any blessing comes cons and I’m grateful that mine isn’t enough to make me quit. The Mom tour started in LA, because 1) I always wanted to visit and do research. 2)It wasn’t home (Massachusetts). I needed time to regroup and reflect in a different space while still putting in a little werk. …

Holiday look- Casual Chic

In this post I mentioned going chic for the Holidays, but this outfit here reminded me of casual chic for the holidays as an option.  The easiest and coolest way in my opinion to add a casual touch to a fit is  adding denim.  With a such a vibrant top like this vintage one,  a casual touch was needed  fast.  I couldnt afford to look like I hijacked my grandmothers and not do it justice.  Nothing a cinched waist cant fix right? These Asos pants pulled it all together. Snatched honey! Turn any top into a Winter essential by adding a turtleneck. It just works. Felt like the fit could have used another layer…aka a reason to wear this H&M Men’s shirt. Made the outfit a tad bit cooler. Turtleneck(last season): H&M Shirt: H&M Pants: Asos Shoes: Aldos Varsity Jacket:  My girlfriends(She doesn’t remember) Off to enjoy my weekend! Fierce Styles , Family hang time and shooting is on the menu. Photographer: Silas Vassar Share This: