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Back to my roots

It’s not hard to tell that my first fashion love is a little 80’s 40’s flair. Give me exaggerating sleeves, tailored bodice and a piece that give Drammma darling! If you’ve been following me for a while you know that I was crazy obsessed with thrifting. The love never died, I just got really booked and left with little time to thrift the last two years. Good problem to have financially, but boring and less interesting wardrobe wise. Fast fashion produce cheap, but affordable quality and the designer pieces like Jacquemus is a mortgage that I can’t afford unless I got a hook up(don’t do those cause if I can’t afford it without you its a dependent situation and I don’t like asking for shit) or snag at an end of the year sale.Over the last couple of months I’ve noticed when cleaning out my closet that the things that are lasting are my vintage and designer finds. Majority of the things I’m throwing out are H&M and Zara things. I still shop there but very selective on what I’m buying and being realistic about my expectations from it. Is it a must have? How good is this quality? Should I just save up a little longer and buy the original with better quality? Stuff like that. H&M is a hit or miss now a days. 12-13 years ago the quality was way better. Every once in a while I’ll purchase something like these jeans that were made to last(wear them once a week).

So recently I’ve been making time to go thrifting because I’m missing my Angela from “Who’s The Boss” blazers, fun bold colors and exaggerated sleeves.I scored this blazer at the Salvation Army for……*Drummm rolllll* $4.99 and then half off cause it was 50% off of all yellow and green tags. This was a yellow tag baby! 🤸🏾‍♀️🤸🏾‍♀️😂. Like this quality is amazing and it cost what I would pay for a bag of large Doritos (maybe even cheaper). I’m looking forward to more finds and spending my money on designer shoes on sale(the quality really is worth the coins) . If you’re patient enough to thrift this season look for Levis denim, wind breaker 90’s jackets, structured blazers, trench coats and oversized denim jackets. All of these are currently “trending” so get your shopping on.

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    • vanavain says

      Thank you! Luckily for me the thrifted clothes usually have a tailored fit, but if I really Love and there is space I’ll get it tailored.

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