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December was long. I mourned, rested, laid in bed…A lot. This rolled over into January and then I reminded myself that

1. I have the right to take as much time as I need.

2. You may never get over loss.

3. Life still continues, the sun still rises and sets even when we are still.

4. Through loss you gain new perspective.

5. Healing sometimes means moving again and showing gratitude for what we do have. Gratitude eats away at pity and pain.I had my 2nd #NewYorkCoffeeTalk of the year this past weekend and it was all I needed. New faces, old faces, hugs, fashion and good energy all balled up in our little reserved area. A Forever high! A reminder of why I started and will elevate the series.I’ve been adulting when it’s comes to traveling and packing. Meaning I fly with one carry on, 3 footwear option and 6-7 pieces of clothing. That’s a big deal for someone who usually packs like a crazy person. If you’re new to following me- I don’t pre pick outfits. Packing is more like grab items that matches my current mood and include a top and bottom. Outfit

The morning of Coffee Talk I give myself some time to reflect, prepare for the day and then pick an outfit on the spot. It always works. The crazy and procrastinator in me wouldn’t have it any other way!

Tee shirt- Walmart

Vintage Bustier- thrifted

Skirt- Tibi ON SALE HERE! Use Monroe Steele’s code Monroe20 for extra 20% off !

Pour La Victoire Boots- Local T.J Maxx

Socks- The Sock Shack

Photographer : Rose L.

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  1. I chose to believe there is always something to gain (something learned) from losses and so we need to always be grateful if not only for that.

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