Month: December 2017

#NewYorkCoffeeTalk Fashion & Finance Ft. Micaéla Verrelien

December 9th I hosted the last #NewYorkCoffeeTalk of the year on Fashion & Finance  Ft. Micaela Verrelien.  While having a telephone convo Micaela mentioned how “some creatives still don’t know what an EIN is”.  I thought wow, we have to do a coffee talk on Fashion & Finance.  It’s easy to share places to shop and how to look, but being financially fit is so much more important.    Micaéla who is a an accountant   by day deals with numbers, budgeting and invoicing all day so she was the perfect host to help us set the tone for 2018! You know wasn’t no snow about to stop NY creatives from linking up.  Micaéla gave us tips on billing,contracts and the types of business accounts we can have. Other attendees shared their experience and what has worked for them.  So informative and so exciting to hear about current businesses and hustles and the ventures that are to come .               Photography by : Jennelle Gordon Follow her Instagram for …

Pull. It. Together.

This is me feeling better after falling off of my to do list and not cooking for like I don’t know 4-5 days. My eviction date for this slump built of many things and pulling it together was Sunday. Colds, asthma episodes, laundry to do and all……I needed to pull it together .From my own experience, telling myself I must get out of a slump right away only makes things worse. Since I knew the eviction date was the next day, I went to bed early, woke up early Sunday and did all the morning chores. Stopped at Barnes & Noble for some good reads and spent the rest of the day creating content. Ready for another intentional day and week. Oh and with a new do I been rocking since Thanksgiving. Check out what I worked on and my next event HERE! Sweatshirt: TjMaxx stores(recent) Neck piece: Aldo’s accessories(old) Jeans: Gstar Men’s jeans (old) Booties: Pour La Victoire at TjMaxx(recent) Share This: