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You’re inspired now what?

You’re inspired, now what?

You ever read that self help book or the one your Instagram girlfriend is raving about and feel so empowered? Ready to take on the world and all. Ideas coming at maximum speed barely allowing you time to act on it?

I’m over just being inspired. If I got even a penny for every dope idea I had I’d be rich. In the last year and even recently I just grew tired of just being inspired without any action or plan to follow suit. I found that being inspired and hours scrolling down social media became another form of procrastination . I of course convinced myself that I was killing two birds- supporting and being inspired. I’d spend hours day dreaming and floating on “what if’s”. Recently I started timing how much time I spent on the internet and set out time to intentionally plan only so that my ideas didn’t just remain ideas or graduate to fantasies.

People constantly ask “How do you do it with 2 kids?!” Truth is while I’m flattered I often think “you have no idea how many hours I waste and how much more I can do.” Then I thought where would my business and brand be if I cut down even more on wasted time? To be honest that question excites and scares me because when I’m focused I go hella hard.

I will share the answer and break down in a few months on my blog.

So I’m not suggesting to stop double tapping or cheering on the dope people and business we support, just don’t let that inspiration be in Vain. Inspiration is suppose to move us because a dream without action is a dream lost.

For me its been a positive observation. One that’s made me rethink and re strategize my use of time. I can do both, it’s just finding that healthy balance of how much I consume and leaving time to act.

Are you currently acting on your dreams?

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