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Why You Should Wear Lingerie Even In 30 Degree Weather!

Reason 1 It’s sexy and stylish !

Reason 2 A pick me up!

Reason 3 Another exciting piece to the collection

Reason 4 Nobody has to know! Imagine walking around all regular but you know underneath you Cat Woman and shit……a MOMENT! (unless of course you want to walk around with one sleeve off)

Reason 5 Because Quanasia Graham said so and tells us how to style them!!I mean seriously most of the time when we force ourselves to look decent it’s to avoid scaring by passers and or co-workers. It would be a rough life if we always looked how we felt. I’d like to  think I found a balance over the years of looking presentable but also making efforts to look and feel good when no-one else is watching. In the end It’s about a feeling. That brings me to this post.  I love to wear lingerie under my outfits.  Is this a new invention? Nope, but dammit it feels sooo good! Especially the days that feel like they are never ending.  Or when a Mens oversized sweatshirt isn’t feeling “Sexy” enough. Hidden lingerie is like the energy pack that nobody knows about. The one that keeps me feeling fiery  and feminine when I’m ripping and running with my game face and chucks on. I can’t think of wearing lingerie without Wardrobe Curator / Lingerie Stylist Quanasia Graham coming to mind. My brain will not associate it with no one else. Now that my friends is influence! I reached out to Graham for some tips and tricks for lingerie incorporated fits and this is what she had to say .

For starters her favorite boutique’s to shop lingerie are…

La Perla “It’s been around since 1954 and has perfected the craftsmanship of lingerie. One of my favorite pieces is their corset jacket. It’s is truly a revolution of beauty and comfort.”

Agent Provocateur “Because it’s provocative! They have an amazing assortment of. It’s chains, corsets and playful bras that will never go out of style.”

Journelle ” provides a bra fitting experience that I really respect. You can find bras for everyday and also for play. They offer classic lingerie brands like Chantelle, Bordelle, Else, Simone Perele, Triumph, Natori and much more.Styled by Graham

on “Tips for women who are picking out lingerie for the first time ?”  I truly believe that a woman won’t appreciate her clothes until she connects with her body. Lingerie helps with that process because of its power to reveal one’s vulnerabilities. I suggest grabbing a close relative or friend and head to one of the brands/shops I mentioned for a fitting experience. You don’t know what works for you until you try on a few things. Try everything from bras, to slips, kimonos, corsets, bustiers, baby dolls and suspender belts. Trust me, this experience will change the way you look at your body and your wardrobe. Styled by Graham

What about women who want to incorporate lingerie into their outfit while keeping it classy. Any suggestions? The tip is to wear a lingerie piece as a foundational piece and/or as the hero of your look.

The slip as a dress. Its an easy and chic way to be on trend. I started wearing this look 8 years ago! I paired it with an oversized blazer, stockings and booties. My friends couldn’t believe it but they loved it! You can wear it in so many different ways for many different reasons. Also try a turtleneck or t-shirt under or a oversized sweater over one. A leather jacket with a slip dress is also a cool way to wear it!

The corset- You can find me grocery shopping in a corset! I have more of them than I do t-shirts or sweaters. You can also dress it up or down. Wear them over shirts with blazers, leather or denim. Have fun with it and wear it in a way that suits your lifestyle.

Lastly I asked Graham to finish this sentence “When I wear lingerie I feel…”

QG: Like a boss!!! No really. I’m ready to take on the day when I’m properly suited. I can do anything in it. My blog Boudoir Mode is inspired from that feeling. It highlights my world in lingerie.

The Curator herself in my my latest fave of her…

Save yourself the headache of creating a Pinterest lingerie board and just follow Quanasia’s Instagram HERE !!

My outfit:

G-Star Raw Sweatshirt (G-Star Newbury St Boston)

Lingerie one piece- Victoria’s Secret

Jeans- MadeWell

Boots- Frye brand via local TJMaxx

So are you a lingerie wearer? If not did this post make you wanna get loose and buy some?

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