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Mommy Mascot

Its 30 degrees now what?!

Those damn pity parties I tell ya.

If there’s a popular season for them it’s definitely Winter(technically Fall but whatevs). It’s cold, I don’t want to move, think or do anything for that matter, BUT us Moms don’t have that choice. Actually we do, but it would be a negative domino effect. It’s sucks at times yet it’s an overall blessing that we set the tone for the home and kids. If we are happy so are they. If we are sad and down they already pick up that vibe.

My weather app said 30 degrees this morning and you would have thought yesterday was August or something. Straight drama! I dragged out of bed and did the kids morning routine like a grumpy babysitter. While driving the kids to the bus stop my daughter asked while laughing “why you so mad?!” I replied while also breaking into a laugh “Cause I’m cold” . Like how stupid is that answer? It took for me to say it out loud just to see how ridiculous it was. By now I had like 5 minutes to turn the mood around before I completely dragged their morning. A few jokes and I love you’s later we all were grinning and off to kill the day.

This whole episode reminded me how important mindset is. I thought “you’re not changing the weather so why not change your mindset since it’s gonna stay cold?” Do over: “Its cold AF, but I’m grateful to see today and I can layer and still get things done”

Now part 2 will me convincing myself to think this way about my menstrual cycle x the cold.

“Vanessa at least you know your insides are working great and consistently doing what it needs to do” this mascot moment needs some work but you get the point .

So on top of the title of woman, our profession and being a Mom we are also Mascots!

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