Month: October 2017

This Ain’t A Christmas Ad

….more like a “Twirl into it post”  Sometimes you have to put on your “feel good pieces”. What’s that you ask? Feel good pieces are any items / essentials  that makes you feel good. The ones that make you feel sexy, powerful and unapologetic. For days when I’m leaning towards pitty parties or procrastination I will put on my red lipstick as a pick me up. Or a fuzzy full length  cardigan that makes me feel bad ass because it flows behind me like a cape. Extra I know, but it gets the job done. What’s that job you ask? To look the part and get shit done with a better attitude.  Here’s a few things I do when I’m dragging in the morning. Pull my hair up  Show your face to the world instead of hiding behind your hair. You are forced to have your chin up. Lipstick  It works every time!  There’s no way you are going to pout with done up lips. Who said date night lips can’t be worn in the …

Floral & Tweed Tings

Finally fun dressing can begin!  Summer is cool, but I’m damn near a minimalist each time because who wants to be bothered with more layers than they have to?!  My Fall go to’s are a good pair of tailored pants and fun printed tips. I keep the silhouettes the same but add fun in the prints and textures. When the temp really drops I’ll jut add a blazer, cargo oversized jacket or a thick knit sweater.  That’s how I maximize my wardrobe for the Fall, by playing with the same pieces and styling them differently! Floral top, men’s tweed  pants and horse buckle belt from @BobbysFromBoston Shoes: (old )Kate Spade NYC Share This:

No Opinions Being Considered  At This Time. Thanks!

It’s cold, raining and I had  Just gotten  back from a five day work gig in Burglinton Vermont and I’m exhausted to say the least. Not in a social mood, but  my mother calls and because she’s my mother I pick up.  “Hi Mother! What’s up?” Her: you back? Me: yup just got back to Massachusetts Her: Well Vana I don’t think this is a job you can do for too long. Remember you have two kids and a husband. (Like Jesus be the filter and guide my tongue because this is my mother) “What the fuck does that mean?!” Is what came to mind, however that’s not what I said. Duh. Now…..*sigh* This woman has been my biggest cheerleader my whole life and the one who convinced that I could still have anything I want despite becoming a teen mother.  Usually I’m quick with a response or comeback but this one threw me off. It needed to be registered, thought out and slept on. I’m certain she was and still is in my best …