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Unapologetic Mom Tour

Phone call  with 15 year old while I’m LA

15 year old: Mommie! When are you coming back?

Me: Kid, I love you guys enough to know when to take a break! See you soon

I love my family, but I know when I’m need of a vacation. Juggling a family, werk and relationships is a full time job. The last few months I’ve been working a lot of hours which doesn’t include a cubical and a heater underneath my desk that I can rest my feet. Nope! Racks on racks on racks models shopping and returns. *Repeat!* I love every minute of it because I’m living my dream, but when your body says take a second, you take a second. With any blessing comes cons and I’m grateful that mine isn’t enough to make me quit.

The Mom tour started in LA, because 1) I always wanted to visit and do research. 2)It wasn’t home (Massachusetts).
I needed time to regroup and reflect in a different space while still putting in a little werk. Let me just tell you how much it sucks to be working in one time zone while trying to please another before their work day is over 🙄.Nevertheless I ate well, soaked up some sun in a loud 80’s one piece by the pool and causally talked to stangers while scheming through the latest Vogue issue.

After 4 days in LA I flew to New York to hang out with friends, shoot and do a fitting for NYFW. Me, Rose and Monroe ended the weekend shooting in SOHO Manhattan and having brunch. It was thee most perfect ending to a weekend and start to a week. The vibes were so good! We talked about our businesses and future plans over latte’s and finger licking food in the most calmest sun kissed corner  of Maman restaurant. Talk about a reboost- you had to be there.

I came back home loved up on the babies…. actually ok I’m lying. I landed and went straight to work then came home and loved up on my family.  If you are a Mom and you feel like you need a time  out, DO IT! Your sanity is everything Girl! We do not have to look like our to do list or feel like real parenting is being out of breath, undone  with hot served food in both hands. Like definitely serve the food but shit do it while looking damn good too . If you have to why not be fine doing it?! No? Last year(coincidentally in August) I wrote about Self Care , the importance of it and the different practices I have. Funny it was almost around the back to school blues where our house takes a shift in routine.

If you’ve been thinking about a Mom Tour, do it! Your whole family will appreciate and benefit from it. Trust me.


Vintage velvet body suit

Vintage thrifed pants 

Kate spade shoes 

Vintage earrings

Mood : Patra

Song playing (yes I play music while I shoot: “Champion” by Buju Barton

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