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Life simplified 

Listen….. I’m changing and it’s scary as heck.  I’ve noticed a change in everything lately. My closet for starters. When I tell you I have stripped my closet of a whole lot of things.  I mean it’s a lot. No crisis no trauma, simply detaching myself of things that serves no purpose or brings forth a feeling of necessity. Like I have to love it. Every. Single. Thing. In the past I’ve made excuses to keep clothes, habits and even people.

I’ve been cutting out and working on certain habits  that I’m tired of. Some relationships have taken a turn, uncomfortable at first but less baggage and for the better. I’ve started accepting things and situations for what they are. I’m not as accessible to certain things and people as I once was. Oddly enough all of these things were / are happening at once, one after another.My tastebuds are even changing. I don’t care for or  crave the same foods anymore.  So apparent that I caught myself mumbling  to myself the other day  “damn kid, you really changing”

It’s like  life is being exfoliated and simplified. A bit scary but refreshing too. Change let’s me know that I’m alive and living. Grateful.
Robe: vintage 

Dress: TJMaxx recent

Blazer: H&M(last year)

Shoes: Sam Edelman Marshalls(recent)

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