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Cheer leading team 

Its that time again; I’m headed to fashion week. Every Fashion week I get the fashion week flu afterwards and always some type of distraction  before hand. Always. This morning while prepping to leave I was in a funky mood. Like a very bad mood which is rare for me. Somebody said something to me that hurt deep. I called my business partner T to vent and while on the phone with him I get a text from a friend telling me I crossed their mind and that they are very proud of my hard work and that I inspire .  I was reading it and ballin. Big fat tears.Talk about timing man. We barely text like that and all of a sudden I get this text that end with “God bless”. Like how rich am I?! To have folks in my life who love me, care for me and send good vibes.  What a feeling.People see the pics every season for fashion week and the publications and think it’s just all glam. It’s sacrifice. It’s being gone the first week of school for the last 4 years. A choice but not always an easy one. When I get down and moody about it I ask myself why I go and what will come of it.That text lifted me up and was confirmation that once again my ass needs to be in NY. Period. I push through even on my worse days because after feeling like I’m trying to be put down or distracted I come back with even more persistence, more fight. I don’t know any other way.I hope you have some friends or someone in your life that’s able to pick you up when you’re down and cheer you on. If not you have to push through and be your own cheerleader.


Before having a moment this morning I was already going to call this post “Cheer leading” because this fit and the pony tail felt like a highschool fit minus the heels. Definitely looking like I made the team. No?!
Sweater: H&M sweater 

Skirt: TjMaxx new 

Shoes: BCBG DSW(Spring buy)

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