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Late bloomers… still bloom

Lately I’ve had a lot of conversations with other creatives and seen posts about organic growth and followers(mostly pertaining to Instagram). I see a lot of creatives losing hope due to the lack of numbers and following. I can relate that it’s annoying when you are putting in work but it seems like nothing is working. I’ve had that experience in my craft, in my personal life and it always ended up working out once I changed the mindset and energy .As I mentioned in “Late Bloomer” , I started most things in life later than most or what society says due to being a Mother early. That alone makes me ok to not have what others have or getting there at the same time. It taught me that a different or longer route isn’t a bad thing. Blessings,  like a maze will still find a way/you. Being frustrated about opportunities and numbers or goals is normal.  I think all those feelings are growing pains and the deeper issue and question is “what more can I do?” Or “Did I give my all?!” Those two questions help me when I’m down and doubtful. When I don’t get a response to an email or when my IG numbers aren’t growing like they use to. I get it. But I know that it’s more important to enjoy the process of learning and figuring it out instead of comparison or buying followers (I get it, but I prefer organic). Life has proven to me that working hard, remaining true and being consistent is the first class ticket to success which is defined differently for us all.

I’ve been blessed with so may opportunities in the last five years after taking a leap. Traveling, features in magazines that I read as a kid and most recently being named “A style star” in Improper Bostonian last month. All these experiences, publications all while being under 10,000 followers and within a few years. I won’t say numbers don’t matter, but they don’t beat and can’t compete with consistency. You never know who is watching on set, on social media or checking in on your work. 

So again we, you, me are right where we need to be. When you start isn’t as important as how you start and how hard you go. Start today because Late Bloomers… still bloom.Outfit

Top: I Am Kréyol

Skirt: Ann Taylor (tailored)

Mules : Gucci

Purse and earrings: vintage 

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  1. Elmire says

    What a great post!

    I can definitely relate to this. It’s so easy for us to focus on all the things we’re not doing/accomplishing and end up missing all the lessons, joys, and accomplishments in our journey! The best part of living life/pursuing your goals is the realization that things aren’t always going to happen based on a specific timeline. Learning to relax and not resist your own process reaps so many more results….

    • vanavain says

      Yes to everything you just said! 🙌🏾🙌🏾
      So true; we can definitely miss all the lessons, joys if we don’t live in the moment and the journey. 👌🏾

  2. Yolaine says

    I’m definitely a “late bloomer”. This was a great read. Thank you for the insight

    • vanavain says

      Yes late bloomers still handle their business! Thank you for reading!

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